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Huawei And China Unicom Team Up To Create “Ice and Snow Experience”


Huawei And China Unicom Team Up To Create “Ice and Snow Experience”

Chinese telecom giant Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. is cooperating with leading telecom operator China Unicom to realize what the two companies call a 5G-driven “snow experience” in Beijing. Which is part of the IT giant’s broader push to build the capital into 5G Applied global benchmark.

The snow experience includes nearly 20 applications along the Beijing-Tibet Expressway. The national alpine skiing center in Yanqing District of Beijing, and Fuyukou Village in the suburbs of the capital, aiming to showcase the impressive uplink and downlink capabilities of 5G. Gigabit networks in indoor and outdoor locations.

The continuous coverage of 5G has enabled Beijing Unicom to provide 10 new 5G services to users driving on the Beijing-Tibet Expressway. Which is full of tunnels.

In addition, at the Yanqing National Alpine Skiing Center. However, Beijing Unicom has provided athletes and spectators with a series of impressive smart services. Including smart protection against COVID-19, real-time weather monitoring and 5G first aid. Maximize 5G uplink and downlink gigabit capabilities.

When talking about the 5G capital project in 2021, Yang Lifan, deputy general manager of Beijing Unicom. However, We have been building excellent 5G networks to achieve large-scale commercial use, and only share the results we have achieved on these networks.”

“Through the intelligent operation based on user-centric network evaluation standards released in May of this year. However, We are focusing on new deployment. Further, optimization and maintenance to build 5G gigabit networks to ensure gigabit experience in various scenarios,” Yang Say.

Peng Liqi, President of Huawei’s 5G Product Line, said: “Since the project was launched in April last year. however, We have cooperating with Beijing Unicom to conduct pilot and commercial use of 10 indoor ubiquitous gigabit and super uplink solutions. We have established a global market for 5G. As a benchmark. Further, We are very happy to see that Beijing Unicom’s network has used in many experience tours this year. Demonstrated strong 5G capabilities in playgrounds, highways, mountainous areas and rural areas. We will continue to help Beijing Unicom build through innovation Excellent 5G network.”

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