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Huawei Vows Never To Give Up Overseas Markets

Huawei vows never to give up overseas markets
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. said that despite the challenges, it will not give up overseas markets and will strengthen strategic investment in basic technologies to consolidate its mid- and long-term competitiveness.

Huawei's rotating chairman Guo Ping said in an online speech on the sidelines of Mobile World Congress 2022, a major telecom industry event that opened in Barcelona on Monday, that the company will continue its globalization strategy and increase strategic investment in underlying technologies.

Projections show that by 2022, more than 50% of global GDP will be digitized. With the rapid development of the global digital economy, the demand for digital products and services exceeds expectations, and the industry must explore new theories and architectures to reshape the technological paradigm to achieve digital sustainability.

He said that Huawei is working with partners to reshape the technological paradigm in three areas through continuous investment: basic theory, architecture and software.
According to him, the company's research into new theories includes semantic communication and is developing exciting new architectures such as integrating photonics and electronics and designing peer-to-peer frameworks to address technical challenges or technical bottlenecks.

On the software side, Huawei is building AI-centric full-stack software and a new software ecosystem to meet the ever-increasing demand for computing power from the explosive growth of AI.

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