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ChatGPT breaks record while creating controversy: These professions will be history

ChatGPT breaks record while creating controversy: These professions will be history

ChatGPT, which can be communicated with artificial intelligence and is banned in some schools and universities by creating controversy in many countries, broke a historical record. Reactions to ChatGPT, which threatens many professional groups, are also increasing.

ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence system developed by OpenAI software company, continues to be talked about…

A report by Swiss-based investment firm UBS revealed that ChatGPT is “the fastest growing app in history”. In the comprehensive report, the social media applications that have emerged in recent years were compared, and the time it took for these applications to reach 100 million users.

The report by UBS revealed that the platforms have reached 100 million users.

This list lists how many months the applications reached 100 million users:

Google Translate – 78 months
Uber – 70 months
Telegram- 61 months
Spotify – 55 months
Pinterest – 41 months
Instagram- 30 months
Tiktok – 9 months
ChatGPT – 2 months

As a result of this ranking, it was stated that ChatGPT was the fastest growing platform in history, and a statement came from the company. In the statement, it was stated that those who pay $ 20 per month when purchasing a paid membership to ChatGPT will have easier access and a faster response.

In the news of UBS, it was said, “We have not seen such a fast growing application in the internet world that we have been following for 20 years.” It is stated that the interest in ChatGPT has increased since December, and 13 million daily users log in to the platform at the end of December.

Launched in November and designed as a chatbot, ChatGPT instantly became popular as it responded, wrote letters, and even solved quiz questions like an ordinary human. The platform passed one million users in 5 days.

Shortly after launch, Microsoft promised to invest billions of dollars in OpenAI. Microsoft invested $1 billion in the company in 2019.

The company also introduced a paid subscription system called ChatGPT Plus on Wednesday. In addition, it was stated that those who pay money to this subscription system gain the right to enter the platform whenever they want and receive a faster response.

With ChatGPT giving correct answers in exams and writing a thesis, new discussions came to the fore in schools and universities.

One of France’s respected universities, Sciences Po University in Paris, announced that it has banned students from using ChatGPT. A similar statement came from educational institutions in the USA and Australia.

However, OpenAI announced a new update to overcome this problem. Announcing that a new text recognition system has been developed, OpenAI announced that this software has been given to schools and universities.


Experts stated that ChatGPT also threatened many professional groups. Occupational groups are listed as follows:

at the Rochester institute of technology
Pengcheng Shi, vice dean of the computer and information science department, said ChatGPT, which is currently banned in New York schools, “can easily teach classes anyway.” “The robot will likely be most effective at the middle or high school level because these classes reinforce skills that are already built into elementary school,” Shi said.


Shi said the coming years could see many positions canceled on Wall Street as robots like ChatGPT continue to evolve.

“I think it will definitely impact the trade side, but even at an investment bank people get hired after college and spend two or three years working like robots and modeling Excel, whereas AI does it much, much faster.” aforementioned.




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