Yusur Raises Millions Of RMB To Develop Next-Generation Chips

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Yusur Raises Millions Of RMB To Develop Next-Generation Chips

China’s leading data processing unit (DPU) start-up company Yusur announced. It has raised hundreds of millions of yuan in its A+ round of financing. The company uses leading technology to develop next-generation chips.

The new round was jointly led by Maxim Capital and Kunlun Fund, and also attracted previous investors including Lingjun Investment.

The new round of financing comes five months after the company’s latest financing efforts in July. The company said it will use the new funds to promote the production and market expansion of DPU chips.

Yusur, supported by the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has been developing DPU based on its self-developed core processing unit architecture.

Its related products and solutions have applied to multiple scenarios such as fast financial transactions and risk control.

Zhang Fangze, vice president of Kunlun Fund, said that unlike the well-known central processing unit that performs general-purpose computing. DPU is designed to process data moving in the data center. “It will become an indispensable infrastructure in the data-driven era.”

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