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China Mobile 5G Helps Watching Movies


China Mobile 5G Helps Watching Movies

China Mobile is using its 5G technology and large user base to provide consumers with a brand-new TV viewing experience. As part of its broader promotion of the intelligent digital transformation of the Chinese film industry.

The new service of China Mobile’s 5G FUN Cinema designed to turn the TV screen into a movie screen through a broadband TV network. Solving the problem of limited coverage of traditional theaters and difficulty for people in remote areas to watch movies.

China Mobile said that by supporting technologies such as cloud and virtual reality. 5G can help provide a better movie viewing experience on smart TVs.

China Mobile said that 210 million of the 480 million households in China are using the company’s broadband network. More than 160 million users are using smart TV services based on broadband connections and there are 50 million pay-on-demand customers.

The company also stated that it will cooperate with film industry partners. Furthermore, to expand the film market by providing three film distribution models. Online exclusive distribution, online and offline complementary distribution, and multi-platform joint distribution.

Migu, a subsidiary of China Mobile that provides digital content and services. Also signed an agreement with Huanxi Media Group Co., Ltd. A well-known Chinese film company, on Wednesday to establish a comprehensive partnership.

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