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National Foreign Trade is Expected To Hit a New High

National Foreign Trade is Expected To Hit a New High

Despite a series of challenges, such as the global impact of the Delta variant of COVID-19 and the soaring inflation in many countries. As well as occasional power outages in some areas, China’s foreign trade will continue to grow in the remaining months of this year. According to experts and business leaders, the domestic region.

They also stated that in the context of the global economic uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 surge caused by the delta virus. China’s foreign trade, which is expected to reach a new high this year, will continue to provide solid support for China’s economic growth and the recovery of the world economy.

“Global consumption rebounded in the fourth quarter. Christmas and other festivals and celebrations in Western countries will stimulate demand for Chinese exports, and many upcoming events such as the China International Import Expo will also help expand imports.” Beijing China International Trade Zhou Mi, a senior researcher at the Institute of Economic Cooperation.

Yu Miaojie, deputy dean of the National Development Research Institute of Peking University

Said that despite the resumption of production in advanced economies. The world still needs Chinese products, adding that the orders signed in the first half of the year also helped boost exports.

Gao Lingyun, a senior researcher at the Institute of World Economics. Politics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Director of the International Investment Office. “During this period, my country’s foreign trade will have a higher quality development. Because China’s exports move upstream in the global value chain.

“Breakthroughs in new technologies. Such as cross-border payments are also optimizing the business operations of domestic companies and their trading partners.”

He said that power consumption restrictions in some of China’s manufacturing and export-important regions. Such as Zhejiang and Guangdong will affect exports and imports. Because part of China’s imports will use for value-added exports.

He pointed out that despite continuing to limit electricity consumption. Companies that have already upgraded technology to improve energy efficiency can continue to expand their market share.

Mr. Zhou said that as the epidemic continues to have a serious impact on global production and recovery. High inflation in many advanced economies, Including the United States and Europe, has led to panic buying, putting greater pressure on the already fragile global supply chain. And disrupted the normal operation of my country’s foreign trade enterprises.

However, experts say that such interruptions will not reverse the upward momentum of China’s foreign trade. China’s foreign trade will continue to grow and support the recovery of the world economy. By offsetting the uncertainty of the global supply chain.

As of the third quarter. Many Chinese shipbuilders have received more orders from the domestic and global markets than in the whole of last year.

Economic Rebound is Expected to Recover in the 4 Quarter

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