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Africa learn from China’s secrets of success (2021-2025)

Africa learn from China's secrets of success (Five year Plan 2021-2025)
Africa learn from China's secrets of success (Five year Plan 2021-2025)

Africa learn from China’s secrets of success

The two political events held in Beijing once a year are true representatives of China’s visible hand. Under the guidance of China’s unique communism with Chinese characteristics and the goal of achieving a well-off society, this activity has enabled the civilization of 1.4 billion people to achieve its poverty reduction goal. Or a moderately prosperous society.

Since 2013, combined with China’s achievements, China has raised nearly 100 million people outside absolute poverty. In the past 43 years since the reform and opening up, China has lifted 850 million people out of poverty.

Africa learn from China's secrets of success (5 Years Plan 2021-2025)
Africa learn from China’s secrets of success (5 Years Plan 2021-2025)

The question is, what is the secret of China’s short-term success? What lessons should Africa learn from this success? How can China help the African continent to get rid of the label of the dark continent and become a label that reflects the rising continent?

China’s victory in the 21st century stems from its past experience of facing extreme poverty and conflicts, and it is therefore eager to succeed through the concept of peaceful development.

Another factor is the resilience and determination of the Chinese people all over the world.

They succeed every day through the various projects they are carrying out. This has led to the deepening of exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations.

As described in this year’s “New China Studies” think tank report, China’s secret secrets are best described in 5D. The Firm leadership, development direction, detailed blueprints, decentralized delivery, and database-based governance.

Here, the Chinese Communist Party managed to cooperate harmoniously with the other eight participating parties in China. Political maturity, the Chinese Communist Party has guided China through its poverty. The Plan to achieve economic development, deepen reforms and improve people’s living standards. This can only be achieve through strong leadership at both sessions.

China’s short-term and long-term goals have put China on a gradual path. Frequent policy monitoring and evaluation help China understand what was not working, and invented and adopted the most suitable solutions for the people. Therefore, the African Union needs to understand the importance of continuous consultations with its member states on various policies it has formulated to promote the growth and development of the African continent.

For example, these two meetings will lay the foundation for China’s 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25). Breaking the country’s blueprint for the next five years will help the entire civilization have the vision and mission of its leaders. The previous sessions have successfully helped the Chinese people to visually understand the importance of various global public goods that China is providing. Such as the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation and the “Belt, and Road” initiative. Both the Belt and Road Initiative and the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation have greatly promoted. The development and growth of Africa making the African continent experience new dawn as a rising continent.

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