Inspur establishes a distributed cloud backbone

Inspur establishes a distributed cloud backbone
Inspur establishes a distributed cloud backbone

Inspur establishes a distributed cloud backbone

Inspur Cloud, a subsidiary of technology company Inspur Group Co Ltd, said that due to the accelerated development of the digital economy and the growing demand for new cloud services. The company has established China on the distributed cloud. The largest backbone system.

Distributed cloud is a public cloud computing service that enables users to run public cloud infrastructure in multiple locations. To better meet the custom requirements of individual users.

Xiao Xue, Chairman and CEO of Inspur Cloud, said that the company has completed the country’s largest distributed cloud migration. Which covers 169 distributed cloud nodes. He said that more than 20,000 business applications and systems have been migrated to the cloud.

“Through this move, Inspur Cloud has transformed from data calculation and application to data collection. Calculation and application integration,” Xiao said. “It will help meet new data computing needs.”

The digital economy, including cloud computing, is the focus of the country’s fourteenth five-year plan (2021-25).

During this period, China aims to further release the value of data and use the latest technology to promote the development of the digital economy.

IDC, a market consulting company, said in a report that the overall market size of China’s public cloud services may have reached 19.38 billion US dollars last year. An increase of nearly 50% year-on-year, the highest growth rate in the world.

“Global political and economic changes have made cloud computing a national strategic department. In order to meet the demand for experience and innovation-oriented cloud services. The future digital infrastructure needs to integrate cloud network and intelligence,” said Wu Lianfeng, vice president and chief executive officer. Research analyst at IDC China, a market research company.

Xiao said that a unified business distributed cloud architecture will be the company’s next business strategy. However, which will eliminate barriers between public and private clouds.

He said that for simplicity, users can enjoy cloud computing services in a single cloud. Whether the applications and data are located in the central cloud, local cloud or edge cloud. Up to now, Inspur Cloud has provided services to more than 245 provincial and municipal governments. Finally, more than 1 million enterprises across the country.


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