China’s Furniture Exports Remain Strong

China's furniture exports remain strong
China's furniture exports remain strong

China’s Furniture Exports Remain Strong

Furniture exports continued their previous strong performance. Even the increase in raw material prices has put a certain pressure on furniture companies in Haian City, Jiangsu Province, which has the largest furniture export base in East China.

Liu Chiyong, a timber seller in a raw material market in Haian. Told CCTV that the price of New Zealand pine has risen by 40% since the beginning of this year. Nevertheless, demand still exceeds supply.

Liu said that overall, sales have increased by at least 20% over the previous year, and added that last year’s monthly turnover was 6-7 million yuan and this year remained at 7-8 million yuan.

As far as downstream furniture manufacturers are concerned. Although the rise in raw material prices has brought certain pressures to enterprises and tightened their profit margins to a certain extent. Overall exports have continued their previous good performance.

Yuan Hailin, general manager of a furniture company that mainly exports to the United States and New Zealand. “At present, all our orders have been booked until August.” Yuan added that in the first five months of this year, sales increased by 17%.

Yang Zhanchen, director of the Hai’an Customs Office, said that in the first four months. The production and sales of Hai’an furniture companies were booming. With an output value of over 136 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 26.5%. Yang said that the main export products are sofas, folding tables and bathroom cabinets, and the number of mid-to-high-end products is also increasing.


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