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5 Important Titles That Should Be Included in a Resume


5 Important Titles That Should Be Included in a Resume

A resume is like a menu; It shows companies what you have to offer. And just as a menu wouldn’t be complete if it only showed the types of drinks someone could order, there are different resume sections that cater to a variety of qualifications.

First of all, if you need help with this, you can take a look at our CV samples. You will be inspired by the ready-made CV samples we offer for university students, recent graduates, young professionals, professionals and for every career level.

Resumes provided will certainly vary depending on whether you are a recent graduate, change career aspirations, or want to move up in leadership. But whatever your level of experience or whatever industry you’re in, experts say the following are essential parts of a resume.

Contact Information

Your name, surname, city of residence, phone number and e-mail address should be prominently displayed on your resume. You should also include your social media profile links (as long as you’ve cleared them beforehand) and your personal website or blog if you have one.

Place your contact information at the top of your resume. You don’t want hiring managers to have to call him.

Summary Information

We can think of a career summary like a “movie trailer” of a resume. Here, you highlight the most important things about you.

This resume section should be a short paragraph (three to five sentences) that highlights the value you bring to the company by highlighting your skills. But instead of labeling it a “summary”, use a resume title that includes your credentials.


There should be a skills section that appears in short, bulleted columns below each resume summary. Thus, it offers a way for companies to review their resume to see that you have the expertise they are looking for.

You have to include the right keywords so that your resume is optimized for the systems (ATS) recruiters use to review job applications. If you want to see what core skills your dream company is looking for, look at the job posting.

Matching the skills section with what appears in the job posting is especially important for people applying for technical jobs such as IT positions. As these job seekers have to show companies they have the hard skills needed to do the job.

But don’t overlook your social skills—critical workplace skills you can’t measure, such as problem-solving, communication, and leadership. In fact, companies place more emphasis on social skills than technical abilities, such as reading comprehension and math. Be sure to demonstrate that you have these social skills in the professional experience section.

Professional Experience

The professional experience section is arguably the most critical of all resume sections. However, many job seekers make the mistake of listing only their job duties in this section. You need to focus on your achievements rather than your daily responsibilities.

The best way to showcase your achievements is to cite measurable results.

Educational Information

Hiring managers shouldn’t have to search for educational information, so designate a section for this information at the bottom of your resume. Just write down where you went to college and your degree, but if you graduated with honors, you should highlight it.

Note: New college graduates should put the education department ahead of professional experience.

Bonus: Rewards

There may be other things you can add to your resume that don’t fit in any of the other sections.

For example: Seminars you have attended, certificates, awards you have received, and publications are all worth including on your resume. But before adding this section, consider whether the information makes you more attractive to the person recruiting you for this particular position.

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