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Emirates Strengthens Domestic Air Cargo Services


Emirates Strengthens Domestic Air Cargo Services

Emirates SkyCargo, the air transport arm of Emirates, said that since the COVID-19 pandemic. China has been an important part of its global network to improve the company’s cargo business performance.

Since the epidemic in China began to well controlled in mid-February last year. Emirates has fully resumed scheduled cargo flights to mainland China to transport medical supplies and cargo between China and other countries. Its freight business connecting mainland China and overseas markets was the first to recover.

Emirates said that last year, in addition to scheduled flights. There were 87 charter flights taking off from mainland China, with a total payload of nearly 4,000 metric tons.

“Since the epidemic, people all over the world have an increasing demand for electronic products such as working at home and using computers. In addition to vaccines and medical equipment. We have seen a significant increase in the demand for shipping computers from China to overseas markets. Because China has more A computer manufacturing base,” said Michael Qu, Emirates China Cargo Manager.

“As one of the world’s largest consumer and manufacturing markets, China has shown great potential in the transportation of goods. The demand for the transportation of cross-border e-commerce products from China to overseas markets is also increasing. As the global manufacturing industry gradually restarts activities China, we will continue to contribute to helping strengthen China’s economic and trade ties with the world,” Qu said.

The negative impact of COVID-19 on the global aviation industry is unprecedented.

According to the International Air Transport Association, global international air passenger demand dropped by 75.6% year-on-year last year.

Air freight has become a highlight of the industry. Due to restrictions on passenger flights, the available capacity in the air cargo market has drastically reduced. However, the demand for cargo transportation capacity remains high.

Emirates’ cargo division reduced tonnage by 22% in the 2020-21 fiscal year, while the total revenue of its cargo business increased by 53% year-on-year.

According to data from the International Air Transport Association, in 2020,

the top five airlines in terms of scheduled freight ton-kilometers are FedEx, United Parcel Service, Qatar Airways, Emirates and Cathay Pacific Airways.

China Securities said that the epidemic and a series of operational problems have caused a shortage and congestion of global port capacity. The contradiction between supply and demand continues to intensify. This imbalance may continue until 2022, and the medium-term capacity growth potential is limited.

“The short-term prosperity of the air cargo market driven by the epidemic is not a decisive factor for the industry’s continued growth. The balance of supply and demand is still the key to the long-term development of the industry.” Qu said.

In the 2020-21 fiscal year (April to March),

Emirates’ cargo business contributed about 60% of the airline’s total transportation revenue. This year, with the gradual recovery of passenger flights, the company expects this proportion to decline.

At present, Emirates has resumed passenger flights to more than 120 cities around the world, accounting for 90% of its pre-pandemic network, and plans to restore 70% of its capacity before the end of the year.

At the beginning of the epidemic, the border closures of various countries caused the grounding of most passenger flights around the world, resulting in a significant drop in the belly compartment capacity of passenger flights of airlines.

Since then, Emirates SkyCargo has converted its 16 B777 passenger aircraft into small cargo aircraft to increase cargo capacity. After the transformation, the transformed economy class and belly hold operations can use to maximize the cargo transportation capacity.

At the same time, there is a huge global demand for the transportation of COVID-19 vaccine

It is likely to continue into the post-pandemic era. Emirates SkyCargo is the first airline in the world to set up a dedicated airside hub for the COVID-19 vaccine.

As of September, the carrier has shipped nearly 250 million doses of vaccine to more than 80 destinations around the world. Among them, Beijing exported 40 million doses of vaccines.

“Despite the temporary setback cause COVID-19, due to the strong economic relationship between the two countries. Bilateral trade between the UAE and China is expected to continue to surge in the next few years. This will have a positive impact on the air cargo industry,” Qu Say.

At present, in addition to the weekly cargo transportation in the belly of the passenger flight between Guangzhou, Guangdong Province and Dubai, Emirates SkyCargo also operates scheduled cargo flights to Guangzhou four times a week, and eight flights a week to Shanghai. Flights, and weekly cargo flights to Beijing. Week. These cargo flights are all operated by Boeing 777 freighters, each with a cargo capacity of up to 100 tons.

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