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Online education needs to shift to “quality” | 2021 new business vision

Online education needs to shift to “quality” | 2021 new business vision

Economic Observer Reporter Li Jing In 2020, this unprecedented online education experiment that the world is forced to carry out is unprecedented in scale, scope and depth. More and more students and parents are choosing online education products, and the industry has ushered in a period of opportunities for rapid development. Today, online education has become an important part of new business formats and new models, and has injected new momentum into the creation of new economic growth points and high-quality economic development in the digital economy era.

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But the online education industry is also facing challenges from rapid development to high-quality development. To run education well is to focus on the research and practice of “teaching” and “learning”, so that students can benefit in the classroom and grow in learning. The ideal online education ecology is to use the ever-changing mobile Internet technology to better contribute to education equity. Let students achieve the same, equal and homogeneous educational opportunities in their studies, regardless of location, background, or academic ability.

Looking forward to the future, the digitalization of education will become an important trend, and “people”, “machines” and “things” will be fully interconnected; data-driven will become one of the core competitiveness of the education industry, which can help education achieve large-scale “teaching in accordance with their aptitude”.

Artificial intelligence technology can “reduce costs” in terms of standardization and “enhance efficiency” in terms of personalization; and key applications of 5G technologies such as ultra-high-definition video, virtual reality, and holographic video will make online education more suitable for real class scenarios, and Improve the teaching quality and user experience of online education. What the machine solves is “teaching”, imparting knowledge. What people solve is “education”, and the teacher should light up the students and have a warm interaction with the students.

In the future, Good Future will continue to adhere to the mission of “Love and technology make education better”, and use the 18 years of precipitation in the field of teaching, teaching and research and cutting-edge education technology to share with industry partners, cooperate with all sectors of society, and unite multiple forces. Create a better future for education.

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