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COVID-19 Effects on education

COVID-19 Effects on education

Student’s questions and responses are rare in online classes, sometimes their complaints about low internet speed and sometimes the teacher’s voice does not reach properly to the students.


COVID-19 estimated cost for the world economy 8,850,000 over the next two years more than 35 million people will fall into poverty line. These losses are so great it will take years to repair them. Corona’s blow the education sector does not seem to be compensating. According to a June 28, 2020 UNESCO report all schools and colleges in more then 114 countries are closed. Hundred of millions of students all over the world are affected.

In Turkey first COVID-19  pandemic case confirmed on March 11, 2020 and Government announced publicly on March 12, 2020 school remained closed, currently student getting online education. The 2017-18 NSSO research shows that most of the students in the village drop out from school due to poverty. It is not difficult to estimate how much number will increase increased due to the lockdown. When schools reopen countless children to drop out from school just due to poverty.

In Norway, some student’s careers might benefit from COVID-19. In Norway it has been decided that all 10th grade student awarded high school degree.

Evidence collected from various perspectives between unblind and blind examination because it creates the bias about the student’s interest where they perform well.    

News analysis: German auto industry benefits derived from cooperation with China Feb 2021 

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