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Chinese believe in the power of science

Chinese believe in the power of science
Chinese believe in the power of science

Chinese believe in the power of science

In the latest science-themed survey conducted by 3M in the United States. More Chinese people believe that the power of science can promote a better future than people in 16 other countries.

Whether it is hoping that science will save us from the pandemic. 97% of people agree, and 85% of people worldwide agree or believing that science will be the reason why 2021 is better than 2020. 98% of people agree, and At 87% globally, more Chinese people understand what science can do, according to the 2021 3M State of Science Index released last week.

Starting in 2018, the company regularly polls about 1,000 residents in 17 selected countries regions including China, the United States, Mexico, and Germany to understand people’s perceptions of science and how the results of the survey reveal science in the private sector Education and action.

“As attention turns to vaccines, people say they rely on science to control the pandemic. This is especially true in China, where science is leading the future in the right direction,” said Jack Xiong, head of 3M China’s R&D operations.

The future after the pandemic is promising. A high percentage (91%) of Chinese believe that young people are more involved in science and science-related issues than ever before, compared with 69% globally.

The latest survey also shows that people are increasingly interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (or STEM) related subjects. 96% of Chinese people agree that the world needs more people in STEM-related occupations. The global reading is 90%.

Due to the pandemic, nearly nine out of ten people in China are more motivated to pursue STEM careers. At the same time, only 60% of people worldwide say they are willing to do so.


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