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You can catch those who violate your privacy with a single gesture, find infrared cameras.

You can catch those who violate your privacy with a single gesture, find infrared cameras.

If you feel that you are being watched, if you have trust problems, if the idea that they can record you in a public place where you are going is gnawing at you… Here is a surprising suggestion; you can use your phone cameras to find hidden cameras.

The fact that the role of technology in everyday life has increased to very high levels also brings about discussions about reducing the role of privacy in our private lives.Our every movement, every moment becomes visible from others via the Internet.Moreover, we do not do this under the pressure of others either.We shared it wherever it was in our own lives.

But apart from the shares we make ourselves, the tracking and tracking technique stands out as a question that will always come up to us.

“Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean I’m not being followed”

Even those of us who have the most naive emotions have a certain amount of paranoia in them. Especially in the period when technology has advanced so much; thinking that our phone is being tapped, thinking that we are being watched with cameras are actually not unreal things at all.

Is it really possible to capture the camera signal, especially in a hotel, a communal office or any place where you have a question mark about where you can be viewed?


Yes! It is possible to violate the privacy of a hidden camera that emits an IR (infrared) signal. And in a very simple way. Camera phones, which are now in almost all of our pockets, are what we need to find a hidden camera.

If the camera uses infrared light, your phone can pick up what your eyes can’t.

To be sure that your privacy is respected, it will be enough for us to simply point the camera on our smartphones towards a camera that emits an infrared (IR) ray. Although human eyes cannot detect the infrared rays used by cameras to capture movement in a low-light area, the sensor in phone cameras can simply reveal it. Sometimes you can easily see this with the front and sometimes with the rear camera.

With a little experiment, you can check whether your phone camera finds IR signals or not:

For this, a TV remote control will see your need.But the most important thing is that you are in a low-light area.
Turn on your phone’s camera and point it at the remote control.
Press a key while pointing at your phone for the remote controls to send the IR signal.
You will see a purple light burning on the remote.This is the infrared ray.
The rear camera of some model phones may not capture this beam.For this reason, the selfie camera (the camera on the front of the phone) can be a more effective solution in some moments.
Well, now it’s time to find the camera…in a low-light area, you suspect that you are being followed.What you need to do to find the camera is that simple again.Just like you see the IR signal you captured from the remote, scan the area you think is a ‘hidden camera’ with your phone’s camera… We’re glad… (if it’s really there)

You are very sure that there is an active camera in your location, but the environment is not dark enough or the IR number did not work. There is one more way that you can use to find out. This is also to check what is connected to local networks.

There are a number of network analyzer applications that can find out which devices are connected to your local network. By downloading one of these applications, you can find and list all the devices on your network. It can also let you verify which devices you recognize, so you can more easily find the ones that shouldn’t be there.

Of course, these may not be perfect solutions. However, it stands out as simple tricks with which we can scan the places we doubt with our phones, which can be easily found in your hand. If you have a much more serious concern about rest, monitoring, buying a radio frequency detector that can pick up signals from hidden microphones or cameras, the so-called bugs, will be the solution.

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