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Why Should You Become a Nurse?


Why Should You Become a Nurse?

Does the nurse profession appeal to you? Is it important to you that you are passionate about helping the sick and injured and have the opportunity to come to your aid for everyone around you? Then choosing to study nursing is a great way to make it all happen.

There are an estimated 20.7 million nurses and midwives worldwide, and they make up almost 50 percent of all healthcare workers. However, this figure is still not large enough to support the populations of many countries. The World Health Organization estimates that an additional nine million nurses and midwives will be needed by 2030. However, it is not just high demand that makes nursing an attractive profession. So, why should you be a nurse, what are the advantages of nursing education? Details are in our article.

Nurses make a real difference

Nurses save lives literally every day. The Nurses who monitor patients and make sure they are getting all the care they need often have one of the most personally and professionally rewarding careers anyone can pursue. The Nurses provide care to patients by working to improve their health. Along with the treatment and advice of a doctor.

Therefore, if you have decided to study nursing. It is worth mentioning that nursing is a highly rewarding profession that saves lives every day. It’s also a big advantage of being a nurse, as you can see the positive impact of your skills and knowledge on a regular basis.

Employment opportunities are high

Employment opportunities are very high for nursing faculty graduates in many parts of the world. Both in developing and more economically developed countries. In fact, it is useful to know that the nursing profession, where you can find more opportunities to work compared to many other fields that you can think of, will not always lose its validity.

Nursing programs are ubiquitous

Today, the best universities in the world, which provide nursing education in many countries, including England, America and Canada, open their doors to international students for study abroad. The most popular educational institutions with nursing schools in the QS world’s top universities rankings are as follows:

University of Pennsylvania
King’s College London
Johns Hopkins University
University of Washington
University of Manchester

Offers professional development opportunities

There are several opportunities for career advancement in nursing, such as a senior nurse or nursing manager. These often require significant experience and recognition from senior managers and healthcare professionals. With a master’s degree in nursing you can become an advanced nurse, practitioner or counselor, with nursing salaries in the UK ranging from GBP 50,000 to GBP 85,000.

You can take a look at our articles about scholarship opportunities for students who will study in the field of health and medicine, countries where you can pursue a career in health and medicine, and 5 reasons to study medicine abroad.

A respectable career awaits you

Nurses are highly respected in society, as in most occupational groups working in the field of health and medicine. Nurses apply traits such as trust and ethics to their work to maintain relationships with colleagues and patients. A career in nursing is also seen as stable in many parts of the world and is therefore a respected profession. It is no secret that nurses are trusted, appreciated and respected in most countries, and rightly so, they are essential to the proper functioning of healthcare systems.

Offers international business opportunities

The best thing about the medical knowledge and skills you develop during your nursing degree is that you can apply them in other countries as long as you speak the language of the country you are going to. Nursing degree graduates; They have a job placement rate of 87% after 6 months in the UK, 79.3% after 4 months in Australia, and 80% within 2 years of obtaining a nursing license in Canada.

Due to the high demand for nurses in Australia, there are several visas available to nurses who immigrate to the country. Having a nursing qualification in the country can lead to faster visa processing times and permanent residency. In general, you can find employment opportunities in public hospitals, private clinics, nursing homes or schools both abroad and in your country.

There are many nursing specialties

Healthcare is always evolving and adapting to new technologies and discoveries. It’s good to know that nursing is a broad discipline and if a general nursing bachelor’s degree doesn’t meet your goals, you can apply for a nursing residency. Here are a few different types of nursing to help you get started;

midwifery nursing
Anesthesia Nursing
mental health nursing
intensive care nursing
pediatric nursing

There is an overtime option

If you want to earn a little more money, you can take extra shifts as a nurse. Depending on the country, your salary will also increase when working on public holidays or weekends. In the UK, the hourly wage for nurses doubles on public holidays. However, nursing shifts can be extremely tiring.

It is a demanding profession

People who decide to start a nursing career often look for stimulating jobs. As a nurse, no two days are alike, resulting in greater chances for learning and development. Nursing is a physically and psychologically demanding profession that requires problem solving, empathy and perseverance. So if you think you’re up for the challenge, check out our guide on how to apply for a nursing degree.

Nursing career options are increasing

There is no limit to the subjects you can specialize in with your nursing degree. At the peak of your nursing profession, you can become a manager, entrepreneur, professor, policy maker, blogger, researcher, or even a doctor of nursing practice. There are so many opportunities for nurses outside of the hospital setting. Nursing; It is a demanding and demanding profession as it becomes more mobile in health, politics, business and other areas of human endeavor.

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