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University Entrance Tests


University Entrance Tests

University also expect applicants to take tests that will show that they have the skills to prove they will be successful in the program, not just their previous qualifications. Furthermore, we reviewed some of the key tests you may have to take before you begin your training program.


The Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) test launched in 2007 to disseminate knowledge and skills that can be used in the development of technological weapons. This certificate is not compulsory for all programs. But it can be an advantage for those who aim to apply for a graduate program.

Those who will study in such sensitive areas may not be able to obtain a student visa without this certificate. For these reasons, it will be in your best interest to find out in advance whether your university indicates that you must take this exam.


The MCAT is an entry-level exam that must be taken in advance to study at prestigious medical university. Furthermore, Testing whether students who want to study medicine have the basic skills. However, this exam consists of four parts: natural sciences, verbal reasoning, biology, and the essay process.


The United States Licensing Examination (USMLE) required to obtain a medical license in the USA and Canada. However, this test, which measures the ability of doctors to apply what they learned while studying medicine in real life, consists of 3 stages. In the first stage, scientific knowledge and basic medical practices included, in the second stage, the communication of doctors with their patients, and in the third stage, the ability to combine medical procedures and patient care to provide professional health services.


The Law Schools Admission Test (LSAT) a half-day test required by law schools in the United States and Canada and other prestigious institutions around the world, measuring reading and verbal reasoning skills that will lay the foundation for a career in law. With this exam, which consists of multiple choice questions, the applicant’s reading, analytical and logical reasoning skills measured. While it is possible to take this test before the start of the first semester, until December. Furthermore, it recommended that you take it in June or September, before the start of the school term.


The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) a computer-based test administered by business schools to potential graduate applicants. However, Programs that use this scale of performance include the master of business administration (MBA), accountancy, finance, and management.

The exam consists of four parts: the numerical part, which measures candidates’ ability to use logic, the verbal part. Which measures their effectiveness in perceiving written and oral materials, and the reasoning parts. Which measure their ability to make effective analytical evaluations on data presented in different formats.


Graduate Records Examinations (GRE) cover many fields. Candidates usually take the general test, but some graduate programs may require a subject-specific GRE. However, this exam is required for many graduate programs in English-speaking countries. Started by the Educational Testing Service in 1949 and renewed in 2011, this exam consists of three parts: the verbal part, the numerical part and the analytical writing part.


The SAT, a standardized test that students take to admitted to undergraduate programs in the USA. Measures candidates’ intelligence and skills in three sections. In the critical reading section, reading skills from texts and questions related to these texts are measured. While mathematics and creative writing skills measured in other sections.


Evaluating the proficiency of those wishing to study pharmacy, the PCAT consists of six parts. Furthermore, this test measures six key criteria that a pharmacist must have: verbal ability, knowledge of biology, reading comprehension skills, numerical ability, knowledge of chemistry, and writing an article about health, science or politics.


Entrants to the CFGNS, which is mandatory for those who want to study in the USA by practicing the nursing profession, must meet some criteria. However, to take this test, you must have adequate knowledge and education in your courses and wish to pursue your career in the USA.


The National Board of Dental Examination (NBDE) the exam that must be take those who want to practice dentistry in the USA. In the exam, which divided into three parts, part 1, part 2 and dental hygiene parts and different aspects of dentistry are covered. While the first part measures knowledge of microbiology, dentistry and embryology with more than 400 multiple-choice questions. The second part includes a two-day test for more professional disposition.


The ACT is a standardized test take by high school students. Those who want to apply to university with the more commonly known SAT test. Although some universities accept the ACT, they decide by taking extracurricular activities into consideration in addition to this exam. However, the test has five sections: English, Mathematics, Reading, Writing, and Scientific Reasoning.


Whether the student has a high level of English to understand the content of any program taught in that language.

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