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What is Internship, What are the Internship Types?


What is Internship, What are the Internship Types?

What is an internship?

As internships become more common, employers are more likely to welcome applicants with overseas internship experience when they review a resume. Candidates with previous work experience are more advantageous than students who have only graduated from related programs. Internships not only offer you the chance to develop relevant skills and learn about the field, but also the chance to demonstrate these skills and industry acumen on the job.

How long does the internship take?

Internships are usually part-time if given during a university semester and full-time if given during vacation periods. Summer internship usually last eight weeks. If you decide to apply for an internee and continue, let’s say that internships last between 1 and 12 months. Offered to students during the summer holidays short-term, while long-term internee programs. Which are usually offered to graduates and possibly paid, can last up to 12 months.

What types of internships are there?

When you decide to do an internship in Turkey or abroad, you will encounter a wide variety of internee types. You can apply by choosing the one that suits you best.

Paid Internships: Many companies and organizations around the world can see students and graduates they think a good fit as part of their recruitment process and pay you internee fees. At the beginning of such companies, especially technology giants Google, Microsoft, Facebook included.

Summer Internships:

As the name suggests, this type of internship are short-term and done during the summer period. The summer internship, which usually lasts 2-3 months, gives you valuable experience and industry knowledge related to the program you are studying. More information on Summer workshop in our guide.

Volunteer Internships: With an internship of this nature, you can volunteer at a local community, nonprofit or charity in an area that interests you or where you want to make a difference. These types of internships bring you positive experiences as part of extracurricular activities and appreciated by employers. Check out our guide to Online Volunteering Opportunities Abroad for Students.

Academic Credit Internships: Some internships are considered extra academic credit by institutions.

Externships: In on-the-job internships, students do not receive any payment or school credit during their internship. The word externship is a mix of the words “experience” and “internship” that gives students short-term practical experience in their field of study, lasting from one day to several weeks.

Sponsored Internships: It known as the type of internship paid by an individual or organization.

Online Internships: Due to the pandemic, many sectors have switched to online education and business models. The concept of online internship has become widespread.

What is the difference between internship and job?

An internship program is quite different from a job. While experience structured according to the intern’s goals and what they want to achieve from the program, we can say that they are the missing link between academic studies and work experience. The main goal is for students and graduates who want to acquire relevant skills to achieve their goals. People often confuse and work placements. Internee are usually done during the summer or after graduation to gain experience in a particular field. Here are the 10 Benefits of Internship Abroad for Your Career.

Is it possible to do a paid internship?

Many internships unpaid and for many students and recent graduates. They seen as an opportunity to gain experience and possibly take on a permanent role within the company. It is also quite normal for local companies to offer unpaid internship opportunities as job prospects become more difficult for graduates. They are known to sometimes pay for transportation and maybe your lunch.

There are many companies, especially in the field of technology, engineering and finance, that pay internship fees for students and recent graduates who are considering internee abroad. Moreover, they impress with the high fee options they pay to the interns. Among these, Facebook ranks first, with an average monthly salary of around $8,000. Amazon, on the other hand, offers a monthly salary of $7,725 to business finance graduates. Wondering which 20 Companies Pay High Salaries to Interns? Check out our detailed guide.

Are online internship programs more advantageous?

In recent years, online internship programs have become very popular among students looking for abroad, and they also attract attention with their many advantages. Which do not offer one-on-one experience, look attractive with flexible working hours and opportunities to work from home, you do not need to spend on expenses such as travel or food. Details about Online working Opportunities are in our guide.

Should I do an internship while studying abroad?

While you have already had a unique experience by studying abroad, you can increase your job opportunities by doing an internship. Every advantage you will gain for your career plans, including abroad education, volunteering, will put you one step ahead of other graduates. For this reason, do not neglect to do an experience as a part of your education abroad.

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