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What is Community College?


What is Community College?

When we look at many university dormitories in the world, we see that they are quite boring buildings and community of college. They are also extremely unexciting structures in terms of architecture and technology. Four walls painted in ordinary colors, rooms with the same design, all these offer us a traditional dormitory experience. However, some students have the chance to live in dormitory buildings that are surprisingly interesting in terms of design, architecture and technology. Let’s examine these interesting dormitory buildings together. Besides, it is obvious that there are some of our friends who are lucky enough to stay in these dormitories.

Illinois Institute of Technology, State Street Village

Illinois Institute of Technology student dormitory, which completed in 2003, designed by world-renowned architect Helmut Jahn. At first glance, State Street Village appears to be one continuous building, but in reality. There are three different buildings that make up the structure. The metal and glass structure allows more light to enter the dorm rooms and common areas, which helps you feel open and airy in the environment. The building is not only interesting but also extremely functional. There is a kitchen and laundry room on each floor, while the rooms are designed to be larger than an average dorm room.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Simmons Hall

Simmons Hall, also known as ‘The Sponge’, opened in 2002 and is one of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s most unique and iconic buildings. The building called ‘The Sponge’ because there more than 5,500 small windows on its surface. These small windows, decorated with colored edges, give the building a distinctive and distinctive look. The windows designed to let the sun in more in winter and limit it in summer. Thus, savings in heating and cooling costs targeted. It is not surprising that the building deemed worthy of many awards in terms of architecture. But the same cannot be said in terms of functionality. When trying to hang something on the walls of small rooms, problems with the windows, limited wireless connection, irregular position of stairs and elevators make students’ ideas different.

University of Copenhagen, Tietgen Residence Hall

Designed by Lundgaard & Tranberg Architecture, inspired by Hakka houses in China. Tietgen Residence Hall built in 2006 in Denmark. The award-winning building is arranged in such a way that University of Copenhagen students can comfortably accommodate meeting activities and communal functions. The common areas located on the first floor and all student rooms connected to the central courtyard. There are 360 ​​rooms in the building and all rooms have a view. Students enjoy common areas such as cafes, study and computer rooms, workshops, music and meeting rooms, and a bicycle track, which make their lives easier throughout the year.

Utrecht University, Smarties

Amsterdam-based architect Marlies Rohmer designed the Utrecht University dormitory building in the Netherlands, consisting of 380 rooms. The facade of the building covered with colored aluminum panels. When viewed from afar, the colors merge and perceived as a gray, scaly skin. The colorful façade reflects the diversity created by students from all over the world living inside. The courtyard, which consists of glass walls, provides opportunities for students to meet and communicate.
Royaume-Uni, Cite a Docks

Cite A Docks a creative student dormitory project implemented in Le Havre, France. With the recycling of old shipping containers, an interesting living space for students has emerged. Cattani Architecture built 100 new dorm rooms by stacking four shipping containers. Glasses and small terraces have been added to the containers so that students can see outside. The interior of the rooms is also very nice and has a view.

Stony Brook University, Nobel Halls

Stoney Brook University Nobel Halls, which has received many awards and has LEED Gold Certificate, is the world’s first sustainable student residence. Sustainable materials used in the construction of the building, so students can benefit from natural light and fresh air in abundance. In the project completed by Goshow Architecture in 2010, new rooms for more than 600 students designed. In addition to its functionality, the building offers extremely impressive, environmentally friendly environments where students can come together comfortably.

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