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Deeply Integrate Information and Cybersecurity Systems


Deeply integrate information and cybersecurity systems: Industry experts

Experts said at the 2021 Beijing Cybersecurity Conference at the weekend. Information systems need to deeply integrated with cybersecurity systems to tackle more challenges in the industry.

As one of the most influential and high-profile events in the Asia Pacific regions. Therefore, the conference continues to focus on key industry topics ranging from the international management of cyberspace. To the development of the cybersecurity industry to technology innovation and talent cultivation. strategy, industry and technology perspectives.

“Cybersecurity has reached a new milestone,” said Wu Yunkun, head of Qi-Anxin Technology Group, one of the country’s largest cybersecurity technology enterprises. “In order to create a healthy environment for high-quality development. Moreover, We must address cybersecurity on the basis of informatics. Meanwhile, security systems should be created with systematic and engineering thinking.”

According to a report by Qi Anxin, supply chain attacks and ransomware attacks are the main challenges in global cybersecurity. Each of the 2,557 domestic enterprise software projects analyzed by Qi Anxin had an average of 66 known open source software vulnerabilities. Further, The main channel of supply chain attack. With high activity, ransomware attacks try to paralyze the entire business network. It is the most important threat that triggers the urgent interventions of businesses.

However experts said that machine learning and visualization of Aspect-oriented Security systems are the main technological transformation in network security protection.

Yuan Xiaoru of Peking University said that the security space faces complex games and that visual analytics can better help decision makers understand data and respond with effective countermeasures.

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