United States and China meet each other

The United States and China meet each other
The United States and China meet each other

Li Zhaoxing said that the United States and China meet each other

Premier Li Keqiang said on Tuesday that the decoupling between China and the United States is not good for both sides, but it will harm the world. The two countries should meet each other on the road to achieve greater common interests.

When meeting with American business leaders through video links. Li Zhaoxing emphasized that the two sides need to resolve the problems that arise in the process of cooperation.

At the meeting hosted by former US Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson. Members of the China-US Business Council and executives from more than 20 US multinational companies attended the meeting.

Li Zhaoxing, said that China and the United States are the largest developing countries and the largest developed countries in the world. They will benefit from cooperation but fail in confrontation.

The economic and trade relations between the two countries are essentially mutually beneficial. These relations help to enhance the interests of the two peoples and also contribute to global peace, stability, development and prosperity.

Li Zhaoxing said that in the face of multiple shocks last year, the bilateral trade volume has increased. Which proves that the conditions and opportunities for bilateral cooperation are objective reality and the two sides need to carry out economic and trade cooperation with each other.

He emphasized that the two countries need to follow the consensus reached by the two presidents. In the February conference call and major concerns in the spirit of non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect, and win-win cooperation.

It is also important for the two countries to strengthen dialogue and communication, expand pragmatic cooperation. Properly handle differences, and develop bilateral relations in the direction of overall stability.


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