Turkey’s exports to 158 countries in the first month of 2021

Turkey’s exports to 158 countries in the first month of 2021

In the first month of 2021, 158 countries, free zones, and autonomous regions were sent products from Bursa, where important production is made in many fields, especially automotive and textile.

According to the compilation of the reporter made from Turkey Exporters Assembly data, exports from Bursa industrialists from first January 2021, 142 billion 278 million thousand dollars of revenue was obtained.

most foreign sales keeps its place in the second row from Bursa in Turkey’s overall exports were made to Germany. Exports to this country increased by 7.4 percent compared to the same month of the previous year and reached 164 million 997 thousand dollars.


Exports to France, which ranks second, increased by 14.6 percent. Exports to France increased from 128 million 412 thousand dollars to 147 million 114 thousand dollars. Exports to Italy, which ranked third on the list, increased by 2.5 percent to 102 million 369 thousand dollars.

Exports to Germany, France and Italy in January made up 36.28 percent of Bursa’s total exports.


Last month, exports from Bursa to the USA increased by 109 percent from 32 million 584 thousand dollars to 68 million 102 thousand dollars. Exports from Central African countries to Gabon increased 100 times from 43 thousand dollars to 4 million 236 thousand dollars.

In January, exports to Ghana increased more than 13 times, reaching $ 1 million 725 thousand from $ 131 thousand.


On a sectoral basis, the most exports were made by the automotive industry. Among companies such as OYAK Renault, TOFAŞ, Bosch, and Karsan.

Bursa automotive industry, where it is located, signed exports of 556 million 765 thousand dollars last month.

The exporters operating in the ready-made clothing and apparel industry, which ranks second in the foreign sales of Bursa, sold products worth 124 million 72 thousand dollars to abroad last month. The exports of the textile and raw materials sector, which ranked third, were 88 million 423 thousand dollars.

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