The Port Business Environment A New Look

The port business environment has undergone a new look
The port business environment has undergone a new look

The port business environment has undergone a new look

Dang Yingjie said that since the RCEP trade agreement planned to take effect next year. The General Administration of Customs taking a series of measures to establish a market-oriented legalized and internationalized port business environment. However, Deputy Director of the National Port Administration.

The GAC is preparing to promulgate the RCEP Management Measures for the Origin of Imported and Exported Goods and the Approved Exporters Management Measures to sort out the procedures for applying for preferential import and export visas under the RCEP framework. Establish a supporting information system to ensure that enterprises can easily declare and enjoy the benefits they deserve.

In addition, GAC further simplified the regulatory documents required for import and export reduced management fees. Shorten customs clearance time more than 40% compared to 2017.

Deng said: “The port the meeting point of the dual cycles at home and abroad. It an important starting point for opening to the outside world in a larger, larger, deeper and higher level.” The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area actively supports freight transport in inland areas Port development.


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