Social networks to expand their business and sell

Social networks to expand their business and sell
Social networks to expand their business and sell

Local outlets rely on social networks to expand their business and sell

Online social networks have become a new trend for intra-company coffee chains to connect with digital-savvy Chinese consumers. Even as the two companies increase their physical store expansion in the country.

Starbucks China, a subsidiary of American coffee giant Starbucks, introduced the Starbucks Now service in its WeChat applet. Moreover, which features “take out for him/her” and “coffee social circle”, with a drink as a greeting Or share beverage preferences with others. These two functions can also be used on its official mobile app.

Christina Wang, a 32-year-old senior manager of an airline based in Beijing, said that because of her busy work. She needs to fly to different tourist destinations every week. She has to participate in birthday celebrations or other social occasions. It is very difficult.

Wang said: However, with the new feature of ordering coffee and snacks. I can send a latte to my best friend as a greeting before boarding. “When you repost on WeChat where all my connections are open , When you can send coffee surprises, things become easier. In addition, we can share our coffee preferences so that we can better understand each other.”

Market research firm Mintel Group Ltd. said that Starbucks has prioritized. Its “Starbucks Now” plan and has increased its online spending power to take advantage of consumers’ drinking habits of quickly picking coffee.

The company launched the Starbucks Now service of a warm and friendly product line to establish a unique connection with consumers and make each cup of coffee more personalized. In the past two years, the service has covered 4,602 stores in 184 cities. accounting for 98% of the total number of stores in the country.

In addition to expanding its business online, Starbucks opened its 5,000th store in Qingdao, China on April 27. This is Qingdao, Shandong 22 years after opening its first store in mainland China.


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