Huawei R & D Enhance Consumer Electronics Products

Huawei R & D Enhance The Image of Consumer Electronics Products
Huawei R & D Enhance The Image of Consumer Electronics Products

Huawei R & D Enhance Consumer Electronics Products

Tech companies develop plans for IoT product ecosystem Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Released several consumer electronics products on Wednesday as the Chinese technology company sought to develop its non-smartphone business under the restrictions of the US government.

This move is part of Huawei’s broader efforts to build an ecosystem of IoT products, including personal computers. Smart TVs, smart watches and wireless earplugs to meet consumer needs in various situations.

He Gang, chief operating officer of Huawei Consumer Business Group, said that its active users of smart life applications have reached 53 million and there are currently more than 600 partners in this area.

He said that Huawei will increase its efforts to introduce more smart home products to consumers by taking advantage of the company’s R&D advantages.

At the press conference, Huawei also released the first high-end display MateView GT, priced at 4699 yuan (US$730).

This move comes after the latest report of the market research company Trend Force showed that due to the high demand brought. The popularization of home and distance education work during the COVID-19 pandemic. The shipment of monitors reached 140 million units last year, an increase of 8.6% year-on-year. The highest growth in ten years.

As demand continues into the first half of this year. Display shipments in the first quarter of this year increased by 34.1% annually, and this figure expected to exceed 10% in the second quarter.

TrendForce reports that total monitor shipments this year expected to reach 150 million units.

Xiang Ligang, director-general of the Information Consumption Alliance. Huawei’s decision to enter the high-end surveillance field demonstrates its keen market awareness. Its R&D capabilities can help Huawei gain greater influence in this field.

According to Huawei’s data, the company became the second largest manufacturer in the Chinese notebook computer market last year, with a market share of 16.9%, second only to Lenovo Group Co., Ltd., the world’s largest personal computer manufacturer.

In the past two decades, the PC industry has been competing mainly in hardware. However, in the era of the Internet of Things. Pure hardware upgrades can no longer meet consumers’ high demand for intelligence and interconnection. Xiang Yong said that the collaborative innovation of hardware ecology and software ecology has become an obvious trend and threshold. Due to the accumulation of telecommunications technology, Huawei has an advantage over competitors in this regard. On Wednesday, Huawei also released its latest PC MateBook 16 and other consumer electronic devices. Experts said that after Huawei’s smartphone business was paralyzed by US government restrictions. The company is striving to find more growth points.


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