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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Studying Abroad

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Studying Abroad
Questions to Ask Yourself Before Studying Abroad

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Studying Abroad

Education abroad; It is a challenging process in terms of both the decision process and the evaluation of alternatives after the decision process! Questions such as which country, which university, which department, which city will keep you confused for a long time. We have prepared a list of 5 questions for you to shape your study abroad.

1. How Long Can I Stay Away From Home?

You are going to study abroad, and you will be away from home for a long time. Your upbringing, family relationships, and circle of friends will shape the answer to this question. In your study abroad options, there are alternatives of 2 – 3 – 4 years of education. When you go to a country like America and Australia from Turkey overt conflict can not go on your doorstep. The country depends on the family, a structure not so far away from home if you evaluate the options closer to Turkey will be better.

2. Am I an Urban Person or a Rural Person?

You may have never thought about this question before, but it is an important criterion when evaluating your study abroad options; Rural or City? Some people prefer to study and live in a crowded city in a metropolis. While others may prefer to study and live in a more quiet and rural area. During your study abroad, look at the locations of the universities you have determined on Hot courses Turkey. The university that you think is in the city center can come across in a very quiet rural area.

3. Can I cook?

When you first see the question, you can say what is the relevance of studying and eating abroad. However, if you want to study abroad, your choice will probably be the dormitory facilities provided by the university. In some universities, the fee for the dormitory service can include breakfast and dinner, but in some university dormitories, you may need to cook your meal in the kitchen reserved for you. In addition, there is a high chance that university meals will not appeal to many people from different cultures at the same rate, and you can choose to cook your own food. During your study abroad, you can discover many new foods and do them with your friends. If you don’t know how to cook, definitely check how many meals are included in the dormitory fee.

4. My Dreams or My Career?

The most important question to ask yourself when deciding on your department during your study abroad process! We all have dreams and interests, but will university departments in which we believe in our talents prepare us a good future? How appropriate is the university department we have chosen for our skills and abilities? Remember that when you go abroad, you will encounter many difficulties during your acclimation period and this is the worst thing you can experience when you do not like your department and it will be difficult to adapt. Even if you don’t like it, should you read a chapter to find a job in the future, or should you go after your dreams even if the job opportunities of your favorite department are limited?

5. Can I share my room with other people?

You probably lived with your family until college and had your own room. If you are going to stay in a dormitory during university life, staying in a single room can cost you a lot. University dormitories are generally for 2-3 people because they are economical and facilitate socialization. So how ready are you to share your room with a stranger? Especially in Hong Kong and America, students stay in rooms for 2-3-4 people and the preference rates of these rooms are high. Be sure to search for accommodation alternatives in your choice of university and city and deduct the cost by choosing the most suitable accommodation option for you. You can check out this article for the best university dormitories in the world.

all above questions about studying abroad are very important.


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