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Protection In Cards For Application Customers


Enhance User Protection In Cards For Application Customers

Experts said that China’s protection supervision of mobile application data collection will help better protect personal information. The contribute to long-term healthy development of the Internet industry.

The comment was based on media reports that after discovering that some products of Tencent Holdings Ltd violated consumer interests. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology asked the government to approve any new applications and application updates.

Fu Liang, an independent analyst who has been following the technology industry for more than a decade. This move is part of China’s broader efforts to better protect user privacy and ensure data security through new laws and regulations and strengthened supervision of the technology industry.

He said that since the beginning of this year. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has been strengthening the supervision of mobile applications to better protect users’ personal information.

China Media Group reported that after discovering that some of Tencent’s products violated consumer interests.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will conduct technical tests on any new applications and updates of Tencent before releasing them.

A Tencent spokesperson said in a statement. “We have been working hard to enhance the user protection features in our applications, and regularly cooperate with relevant government agencies to ensure compliance. Our applications remain operational and available for download. “

The move was made after the State Internet Information Office, China’s top Internet regulator, released a draft regulation to protect Internet data security earlier this month.

The draft management regulations specify the provisions of the Cyber ​​Security Law. The Data Security Law, and the Personal Information Protection Law, and explain the legal principles by enumerating examples and situations.

Wang Sixin, professor of Internet law at Communication University of China. “The details clearly answer what Internet entities, including enterprises and users, should and should not do when processing data. Furthermore, which will make law enforcement more pragmatic.”

With the vigorous development of China’s Internet and digital economy. A large amount of data has been generated, and data security supervision has been intensified. The market research company International Data Corporation predicts that by 2025. However, China’s data will account for 27.8% of the world’s data, ranking first in the world.

Zeng Yu, director of the China Internet Network Information Center, said that in this context. It is particularly important to build a data security protection system and improve data governance mechanisms.

Zeng said that the continuous improvement of China’s network management system and mechanism has provided a solid legal foundation for further strengthening data governance and improving the effectiveness of cyberspace governance.

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