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Insiders Feel Healthy Real Estate


Insiders Feel Healthy Real Estate

Experts said on Monday that the healthy growth of the real estate industry is one of China’s key tasks identified in 2022.

Their speeches part of a quick review of important announcements issued. After the three-day annual Central Economic Work Conference in Beijing on Friday.

Experts said that the real estate market will continue to be a stabilizer of national economic growth. Because the policy keynote meeting reiterated that “houses are for living, not for speculation.”

This shows that the consistency of policy stance will help adjust short-term measures and keep market expectations stable.

Li Yujia, chief analyst of the Guangdong Provincial Housing Policy Research Center. Said that this principle will not abandoned even in the period of market downturn or regional risk testing.

Experts also pointed out that after the meeting. China will accelerate the development of the long-term rental housing market, promote the construction of affordable housing projects, and support the real estate market to better meet reasonable housing demand.

They stated that the meeting made it clear that each city will implement differentiated policies in accordance with local conditions. This approach is conducive to promoting the healthy development of the real estate industry and forming a virtuous circle.

The real estate industry observed that due to the slowdown in demand. The property market began to cool in the second half of this year. The market is also speculating that there will be stimulus measures for the residential real estate industry.

Xu Xiaole, chief analyst of Beijing Research Institute, said that the real estate market should guard against systemic risks and stay away from speculative activities.

The economic meeting also echoed the announcement after the Politburo meeting of the CPC Central Committee. emphasizing the goal of promoting the healthy development of the real estate industry and forming a virtuous circle.

Xu said that in order to achieve a virtuous circle in the real estate industry. Risk prevention and control must be done to ensure the smooth operation of the entire market.

China News Agency quoted Ni Pengfei, director of the Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, as saying that “policies must be stable and consistent, and at the same time fine-tuned according to the specific conditions of different regions.” .

Ni believes that it is necessary to formulate policies and adjustments from the perspective of the industrial chain. Supply chain, and capital chain to ensure that all links in the real estate industry are in a state of healthy operation, effective connection, and smooth transmission.

The meeting also reviewed the development of affordable housing as an important supply channel to supplement commercial housing.

The Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Wang Menghui said. Affordable rental housing plays an important role in the national housing system.

The development of affordable rental housing will be one of the key tasks of the housing sector during the “14th Five-Year Plan” (2021-25) period. With the improvement of the housing security system, the supply of affordable housing will further increase.

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