Zunyi Is Still Crumbling, Red Tourism Fever

Zunyi is still crumbling, red tourism fever
Zunyi is still crumbling, red tourism fever

Zunyi Is Still Crumbling, Red Tourism Fever

The city attracted nearly $100b in a tour that paid tribute to the revolution in four years Located in Guizhou Province in southwest China. Zunyi City a historical monument and linked to an important conference that led to the birth of the People’s Republic of China in 1949. No wonder it has become a popular tourist destination for the Red Army, and travel-related commemorative tours have become popular.

During the Long March (1934-36), the Red Army. The predecessor of the Zunyi People’s Liberation Army and one of the main revolutionary forces under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, regained victory here and defeated setbacks.

Now, the city a tourist destination known for its revolutionary attractions. Between 2016 and October 2020, the city has been visited more than 630.5 million times and earned approximately 641.67 billion yuan. (997.9 One hundred million U.S. dollars)

Significant progress has been made during the “13th Five-Year Plan” period (2016-20).

Currently, the city has more than 5,000 rural tourism agents and more than 3,500 rural restaurants, employing approximately 160,000 people. The local development of culture and tourism related to the Red Army lifts 8,000 residents out of poverty every year on average.

The location of the Zunyi City Conference Memorial Hall, Zunyi City is the main attraction for tourists. The historical site is where the CPC began one of its most important meetings on Jan 15, 1935. When Mao Zedong, New China’s founding father, was elected leader.

Today, visitors can relive the Red Army’s Long March period through photos. Historical relics, documents, and refurbished offices and rooms displayed on historical sites.

“Out of respect for the deceased, we visited many historical sites in Zunyi City, including the Zunyi Conference Memorial Hall-a very popular’red tourism’ attraction. Without the deceased, we would not be able to live such a good life. Hope the Red Army Our cultural heritage is passed on to the younger generation, said Meng Jiao, a tourist from Chongqing.

Zhang Ruining, a 13-year-old student, has volunteered to work as a guide for the museum for four consecutive years. She said: “I think this is a good opportunity to learn history and share stories with others, so I volunteered to participate. My family is also very supportive.”

Zhang said that in the number of tourists, most of them are elderly people, especially retirees. However, in recent years, Zhang has observed that more and more young tourists visit the site.

According to the news website So far, the Zunyi Conference Memorial Hall has received nearly 90 million visitors from all over the world since 1970.

Loushanguan Resort is also one of the most famous memorial places in Zunyi City. In the first quarter, the resort received 57,900 tourists and achieved tourism-related income of more than 1.78 million yuan.

“We refurbished the Loushanguan Exhibition Hall in 2016. The exhibition hall is close to historical sites and helps visitors to better understand the history through various forms of exhibitions. We also used dramas to enable the Red Army to conduct activities in the Loushanguan area. The two wars are lifelike. Beautifully designed suits.” said Xu Zheng, director of the Loushanguan Administrative Office.

Xu said that about 50 villagers saw their income increase by participating in performances, and 73-year-old Yang Siyu was one of them.

“I visited the memorial site of the heroes of Zunyi. They fought the enemy and sacrificed their lives during the revolution in the 1930s. Their perseverance inspired me in many ways. One person is working hard to make my life better and better. Makes sense,” he said.

Yang is now an actor in a drama related to the Red Army at the local memorial. “Playing the role of an actor in the Red Army gave me a better understanding of the soldiers’ stories. Whenever I think about how they managed to survive and protect the lives of others in extreme distress, the difficulties in my life seemed trivial. I gained greater confidence in overcoming these difficulties,” Yang said.


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