Optimistic Bigger Prospects With Own DPU Chip

Yusur is optimistic about the bigger prospects with its own DPU chip
Yusur is optimistic about the bigger prospects with its own DPU chip

Yusur is optimistic about the bigger prospects with its own DPU chip

The founder of a leading technology start-up company predicts that local data processing units or DPU optimistic semiconductors will be at the forefront of China’s. Efforts to reduce dependence on foreign chip companies and support independent production of important components.

Yan Guihai, founder and CEO of Yusur, said: “China lags behind developed countries in the production of previous generations of chips. However, in terms of DPU chips, it is comparable to the rest of the world.”

Yan said: “China has the world’s most powerful Internet industry, with the most Internet users and related infrastructure. This has led to a huge demand for computing power and created huge development opportunities for DPU products.”

Yan said that unlike the well-known central processing unit that performs general-purpose calculations. The DPU is designed to process data moving around the data center.

He said: Due to the rapid increase in data. There is a huge demand for computing latency, data security and virtualization technology. DPU as an emerging special-purpose processor is developing rapidly. Unlike other semiconductors, DPU can help solve these problems. Domain-related issues.” said.

Yusur, supported by the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has been developing DPU based on its self-developed core processing unit architecture. Its related products and solutions applied in a variety of scenarios, such as fast financial transactions and risk control.

In the realization of the Sino-US trade friction, China is developing towards self-reliance.

Which has promoted the investment of Chinese entrepreneurs in the domestic chip industry.

Last year, investors invested more than 200 billion yuan ($30.9 billion) in the chip industry. It is much higher than 70 billion yuan or more in 2019. IPOs of venture capital firms, private equity firms and startups are the main sources of funding for the industry.

The country’s annual Central Economic Work Conference in December set the tone and emphasized the importance of technological innovation in solving major problems that restrict the country’s economic development.

The meeting said that China will ensure better implementation of key projects, with the goal of breaking through key technologies and bottleneck solutions. While encouraging companies to focus on their own areas of advantage and develop new cutting-edge technologies.

Yan said, driven by the huge demand for chips, the company’s orders have been swelling. Chip production in the first quarter of this year has reached a record level.

In terms of DPU chips, the company competes with world-renowned companies such as Intel, Nvidia, and Broadcom, all of which use the Arm architecture.

He said: “Unlike these companies, Yusur uses heterogeneous computing. Ehich refers to systems that use more than one processor or core.” Zhang Yansheng, chief researcher of the China International Economic Exchange Center, said: “This clearly shows that China has been keen on developing its own technological capabilities starting this year.”


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