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Xi Jinping’s Speech Boosts Corporate Morale


Xi Jinping’s Speech Boosts Corporate Morale

Experts and business leaders said that President Xi Jinping promised to establish a unified. Open, competitive and orderly market system to support the development of enterprises and provide an important guarantee for market players, especially private enterprises, to dispel doubts and boost market confidence.

When delivering a keynote speech via video at the APEC CEO Summit on Thursday. Xi Jinping promised to reiterate that China prepared to establish a system that treats all types of market players equally.

“We will unswervingly consolidate and develop the public economy, and unswervingly encourage. Support and guide the development of the non-public economy. We will treat all types of market players equally and build a unified, open, competitive and orderly market system,” Xi Jinping said .

He particularly pointed out that in the near future, relevant departments have continuously improved and strengthened anti-monopoly law enforcement, and strengthened supervision of certain industries. Which is conducive to promoting the healthy development of my country’s market economy.

Experts and business leaders believe that this is a clear message of confidence and assurance that anti-monopoly efforts aimed at certain sectors will benefit the overall healthy growth and will encourage the country’s private sector to develop in a healthy and conducive environment. .

Zhou Mi, a senior researcher at the China Institute of International Trade and Economic Cooperation,

said that he believes that when the outside world does not fully understand the recent supervision of certain industries. Xi Jinping’s words are a clear signal of China’s regulatory stance.

“Recent supervision methods are aimed at specific areas. As China’s Internet economy develops into a new stage of new business formats, such measures are necessary. The corresponding supervision methods need to improved and refined to better protect consumers. Rights and promote fairer competition,” he said.

Some experts said that such news will help alleviate market participants, especially small and micro enterprises. Who are concerned about the country’s growth prospects, as many of them are dealing with rising commodity prices and the recent sporadic outbreak of COVID-19. Certainty.

It is worth noting from this news that despite the regulatory measures taken in specific areas. China is determined to lead globalization. The conditions for China to assume this role are ripe. Companies should believe that China’s door to opening up will only become wider and wider. Big, said Li Keobo, deputy director of the Academic Center for Chinese Economic Practice and Thinking at Tsinghua University.

Xiao Maochang, chairman of Sunvim Group. A textile product manufacturer in Shandong Province, said that the ever-improving environment is a testament to China’s steady growth. He said that local officials have repeatedly asked the company what the government can do to better promote their operations.

Du Hanchen, chairman of KPMG Asia Pacific and China, said he believes that China’s attractiveness to foreign investors will continue to rise.

“We have noticed that China is increasing its efforts for high-quality growth centered on innovation and attracting high-quality foreign investment,” Further, he said. “The country’s huge market potential and continuously improving business environment will bring huge opportunities for overseas investors.”

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