TOGG-Migros cooperation will give the user a unique experience

With TOGG signing the letter of intent, Migros aims to provide a unique convenience to the user with an experience that combines technology and innovation. With the agreement made, TOGG users will have the opportunity to shop from Migros even while in traffic thanks to a section that will be integrated into the application. Users will be able to receive their orders from a Migros located at the point they have determined.

Migros, which has set out with the mission of becoming a technology and ecosystem provider by providing user-oriented services around smart devices, and Togg, which has signed many firsts with its pioneering identity in the Turkish retail sector, are joining forces. Togg and Migros, who have signed a letter of intent to provide users with a unique experience, will mutually integrate their services such as the inclusion of the Migros mobile application in Togg Smart Device, the delivery of Migros orders to Togg Smart Device. Within the scope of the cooperation, the development of new generation business models will also be prioritized.

“We aim to take the user experience to the highest level”

Togg CEO M. Gürcan Karakaş stated that they are very pleased to cooperate with Migros, which has always implemented innovations in its sector, and said the following:

“We are building Togg with a completely user-oriented approach. If a product you have developed does not get its power from the user, this product and service is doomed to die. We focus on the user and provide data

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