The test of the Turks in the USA with the blizzard
Released: 29.12.2022- 19:58 / Last Updated: 29.12.2022 – 20:04


The snowstorm continues in the USA, affecting the lives of more than 100 million people. In the country where the death toll is increasing day by day, many cities are warned not to go out.

The last situation was discussed with Turks living in critical states of Minnesota and Ohio.

Anıl Ardıç, who experienced the disaster, said, “America’s first agenda is snowstorm right now. Everyone is talking about snow.” Mehmet Gün, on the other hand, said, “Powers were cut in many places, water pipes were clogged, people were stranded on the road. This is only on the agenda in America.”

The United States is battling a “one-in-a-generation” winter storm.

Temperatures are negative in all 50 states. In some areas, thermometers showed -25.

In some regions with heavy snowfall, an emergency was declared and a driving ban was imposed. Power grid operators in some states urged users to save money due to the capacity problem.

Due to the snowstorm in the country, millions of people were left without electricity and stuck in their homes.

The National Weather Service reported that as of Sunday morning, snow depth at Buffalo Niagara International Airport had reached 109 centimeters.

Authorities also announced that a powerful hurricane called a “bomb cyclone” occurred when atmospheric pressure suddenly dropped near the Great Lakes. It was reported that the hurricane caused strong winds and snowstorms.

The “deadly blizzard”, which spread from the Great Lakes in Canada to the Rio Grande on the Mexican border, adversely affected about 60 percent of the US population.

Flight tracking site FlightAware reported on Sunday, December 25, that 1645 domestic and international flights were canceled and 3869 flights were delayed in the US.

According to the news of CNN, adverse weather conditions caused by snowstorms in the country, 8 in Ohio, 7 in New York, 3 in Kansas and Kentucky, 2 in Colorado, one in each in Missouri, Tennessee and Wisconsin. The death toll reached 34.

On December 21 in the US, national and local weather reporting agencies warned of “once in a generation” severe cold and snow conditions.

The National Weather Service (NOAA) announced that cold weather conditions that have not been experienced in the last 40 years are approaching in some parts of the country.

The weather service cautioned that “heavy snowfall could make travel very difficult or impossible and could be life threatening”.

A bomb hurricane is a storm that intensifies very quickly.

Bomb cyclones occur when air near the Earth’s surface rises rapidly in the atmosphere, triggering a sudden drop in barometric pressure.