The nation challenges the West’s human rights claims

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The nation challenges the West's human rights claims in Xinjiang

The nation challenges the West’s human rights claims in Xinjiang

Fight the trap: Huang Jie said that recent accusations related to Xinjiang show that the US nation hegemonic thinking. It centered on the fact that the US will not tolerate any other country challenge to itself.

The United States and Japan tried to put pressure on China, saying that they “feel serious concerns” about the human rights situation in Hong Kong and Xinjiang.

The two countries made this comment in a joint statement issued after the meeting between U.S. President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Hideo Suga in Washington on April 16.

Niu Xinchun, director of the Middle East Institute of the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR). The attacks by Western countries led by the United States not only in China, but also in other developing countries also killed third countries. The world, especially some Middle Eastern countries.

Since Biden assumed the presidency of the United States,

the path that Washington and some of its allies have taken to promote human rights in Xinjiang has become clearer. He said that the purpose of this is to portray China as a villain. Instigate confrontation between two different political systems. Seize the moral commanding heights, put China on trial, and lobby more countries to join them.

These countries do not only rely on a specific issue in China’s internal affairs (whether it is Xinjiang, Taiwan or the Tibet Autonomous Region). But rely on a series of other ideological methods and international and regional policies to trigger competition with China and achieve coercion. Said the cow.

New said: “Although the United States is trying to compete with China on its different political systems. The china should not fall into the trap of ideological confrontation because it has been pursuing peaceful coexistence between countries with different systems. He said: Although the ideological positions of the United States. Its allies are largely the same, there are contradictions in terms of their own interests.




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