Stricter Car Data Regulations For Public Comment

Stricter Car Data Regulations For Public Comment
Stricter Car Data Regulations For Public Comment

Stricter Car Data Regulations For Public Comment

The China Cyberspace Administration began on Wednesday to solicit public comments on the draft rules governing the processing of stricter car data by manufacturers and service providers, aimed at strengthening the protection of personal and important data and safeguarding the public interest.

The rules will apply to the collection, analysis, storage, transmission, search, use and deletion of personal data. Important data in the process of automobile design, production, sales, maintenance and management. As well as the provision of information and data abroad.

Commercial operators related to automobiles in the rules include automobile manufacturers. Parts and software suppliers, dealerships, maintenance and online car-hailing service providers, and insurance companies.

The term “personal information” in the rules includes personal information of car owners, drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. As well as information that helps infer personal identity and describe personal behavior.

The rule advocates that when processing information and data, auto industry operators should follow the following principles: in-vehicle processing, anonymity, minimum storage life, and opt-out of data collection by default.

Operators collect and provide sensitive personal information in accordance with the rules.

Including vehicle location, driver and passenger audio and video, and data that can be used to determine illegal driving, and shall comply with corresponding requirements.

Requirements include: information collection should aimed at providing direct services to drivers and passengers. Such as improving driving safety, assisting driving and navigation. information collection should be carried out with the driver’s consent; and the driver should allowed to conveniently terminate at any time collect.

The regulations require that only biometric data such as driver’s fingerprints, voice records, facial recognition, and heart rhythm can be collected. The purpose is only to improve the usability and enhance the security of the vehicle’s electronic and information systems.

When processing important data, relevant business operators must report specific information in advance. Including data type, scale, scope, and whether it provided to third parties, provincial network and information authorities.

Personal information and important data must stored in China. If it is necessary to provide them abroad, they must pass a security assessment organized by the country’s Cyberspace Administration. Operators who provide personal information or important data abroad shall take effective measures to clarify and supervise the use of the data by the recipient in accordance with the purpose, scope and methods agreed by both parties to ensure the security of the data.


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