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Language Education In The UK


Language Education in the UK

Education System and Programs

England offers rich program options to students who prefer educational institutions and universities in the country in terms of language education. For those who want to learn English and receive language education both in their career and academic life in schools that offer more than 1500 language education. In international classes of 8-16 people, at least 20 hours of coursework per week are applied. In addition, there are programs at more economical prices for students who want to take long-term education, such as 6 or 9 months. English language program prices vary depending on cities, accommodation facilities and especially educational institutions.

For those who want to study a language in England, the first choice of most international students is London. As the schools are spread over all parts of the country. While the city and region you choose is an important element for your education. Studying at the most prestigious schools in the world’s best student cities such as London will not only improve your English. But also have an impressive resume in your academic and business career. At the same time, cities such as Cambridge for both history and quality education, and Brighton if you want to learn English while vacationing by the sea may be suitable for you.

 Before you start language training, you will be placed in classes according to the result determined by participating in the placement tests. In all language courses, you learn the language by understanding and practicing a lot, rather than memorizing it. In schools where research and homework are given intensively, lessons are offered for students on topics such as grammar, speaking, writing, comprehension and reading. Although the programs you will choose vary according to the institutions you will study, they are generally as follows;

General and Academic English,

summer school programs,

Business English,

IELTS/TOEFL preparation courses,

English programs for business people,

Teacher Training programs for English teachers,

Foundation college preparatory courses.

Why Language Education in the UK?

Today, when learning English has become a necessity rather than a necessity. English is accepted as the common language of education in educational institutions in many countries of the world and lesson systems are being created. Although there are many language schools in the world that teach English. England hosts students who come to learn this language every year and people who prefer language education for their career. So why England?

Learning English in your home country,

Learning English, which has spread all over the world and has many accents, with its original accent in England,

To meet thousands of international students and develop your social networks,

Seeing the cultural and historical beauties you can benefit from, from city libraries to museums,

Practice English in most public places such as shopping malls, cafes, restaurants, shops, markets,

In addition to speaking like an Englishman, absorbing their lifestyle and culture will make it easier for you to grasp English.

Documents Required for Registration

Students who want to learn a language in the UK can learn more clearly what the documents required for registration are by contacting the authorized persons on the websites of the educational institutions they want to apply for. There is no specific timeframe for applications to language schools, like universities. Required documents briefly;

Application fees of educational institutions,

application forms,

Accommodation information,

You have learned,

UK student visa.

Accommodation Options

There are many accommodation options in the country suitable for students who are in the UK to learn a language. Although the most common accommodation preferred by students is the dormitories of universities and institutions where they will study. There are options such as homestay, private dormitories, house and room rentals.

Student Dormitories: It helps international students who come to England especially for language education to socialize and engage in social activities. In general, while most universities and educational institutions have their own student dormitories. They offer different price options for single or 2-3 person rooms. the rooms where the bed and desk are located. The bathroom, laundry and kitchen are shared among the students. In addition, it is preferable to include bills such as electricity, water, internet, breakfast and sometimes dinner in the accommodation fee.

Homestay: The best part of staying in a homestay. Which you choose through the consultants of the language school or educational institution you will be visiting, is that you get the chance to practice English as well as learn more about English culture.

Room to Rent: Depending on the institutions and cities where you will study. The prices of the rooms, which consist of a room or studio style living room, kitchen and bathroom, vary, but it is worth saying that they are higher than university dormitories. In addition, you need to consider that other than the rent you will pay. There are bills such as water and electricity.

The point you should not forget is that regardless of the type of accommodation you choose, you should pay attention to its proximity to the educational institution, public transport, city and shopping centers.

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British Culture

England, the largest of the countries that make up the United Kingdom together with Scotland. Wales and Northern Ireland, has a multicultural structure from its geographical location to its climate. Its history to its architecture, and from the recent migrations from Eastern European countries to the former British colonies of India, Pakistan and Hong Kong. has. Students who want to study language in the UK will have the opportunity to learn English in their homeland, with the rich cultural structure. The opportunity to meet students from many countries of the world.

When we think of British culture, one of the first things that comes to mind is that the British are cold people; only after the first meeting you realize how hospitable and friendly they are. In general, 90% of the population lives in big cities such as London, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds. While living, working and accommodation options in these cities are quite high, especially for international students.

From a cultural point of view, when we think of England, many things come to mind, from the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament held in London to the British Museum. From the theater to its magnificent palaces, and especially to the world-famous football clubs and football players.

Although a stylish table, English tea with milk. Breakfast and elaborately decorated plates come when it comes to food culture in England. An ethnic interaction is seen especially in the cuisines of countries such as India, China, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The food we can recommend especially to students who are in the country for education is fish & chips, that is, fried fish and potatoes.

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English Language Schools

Many boutique and international language schools in England, all over the country; It offers quality education options for all ages and fields.

University of Salford; British Council-approved Salford Language Centre, an institution that offers English language education with 35 years of expertise, is located in the city of Manchester. There are many accommodation opportunities for students within and outside the campus within walking distance.

Canterbury Christ Church University; Authorized by the British Council, the university offers students a high-level language education with its experienced instructors. It welcomes the diversity of multicultural students from more than 80 countries of the world with its warm and friendly atmosphere.

Frances King School of English; Located in the center of London, the school draws attention with the general English programs it offers to students of all ages, especially from Europe. The campus and accommodation facilities provided by being in the center.

Working While Learning

One of the main conditions for being able to study and work in the UK is to obtain a student visa. Student Visitor Visa for less than 6 months of education. Extended Student Visitor Visa and Tier 4 Visa for those who will take language education between 6 and 11 months are visas given to those who want to study language. Undergraduate and graduate education in the UK. The Tier 4 Visa also offers students the opportunity to work part-time, approximately 10 hours per week.

Working while studying a language in the UK allows you to both earn money and practice. You can usually work as a waitress, sales, babysitting or promotional job for an hourly average of £8-9.

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