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How Should I Prepare My CV While Applying For Study Abroad?

Study Abroad
Study Abroad

How Should I Prepare My CV While Applying For Study Abroad?

Studying abroad will be one of the most important qualifications for students to add to their CV. Because after you graduate, it allows you to get to the forefront of job applications. The employer sees your foreign education, language knowledge and life experience in a foreign country on your CV, and you get more positive feedback.

In recent years, the number of international students who want to study abroad in different countries of the world has been increasing. In an increasingly competitive environment to study at prestigious and high-quality universities such as Harvard, Oxford or Stanford, the easiest way to stand out and get a faster response to your applications is to have an effective resume. So, what kind of CV should we prepare and what should we pay attention to when applying for education abroad?

Choose the University to Send Your CV

The opportunity to study abroad has become an ordinary situation that most students can easily access today. Because the internet network, which has developed especially in the last 20 years. He has made it easier for students from different countries of the world to apply to the universities they want abroad. In addition, student exchange programs such as Erasmus, scholarships and internship opportunities abroad also added.

Whether your country of destination is England, Canada, China or South Korea. The required documents, application stages and conditions are almost the same. In general, students who will apply to foreign universities; diploma, grade point average, reference letters and foreign language proficiency documents. At the same time, most universities ask students to prepare a resume that describes and introduces themselves. The important points at this stage for international students are;

Choosing which country to apply to,

To learn the university application dates in the country of choice and to start preparations 2-3 months in advance,

To learn the exams you have to take according to the countries where you will study abroad,

Complete the required documents completely.

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Review CV Format

CV preparation in overseas education applications is one of the parts you should pay attention to. In particular, CV samples, which are examined by the selection committees of the universities where you will study, are prepared in accordance with certain formats. In general, we recommend that you make sure that your CV is effective. Easy to read and has a visual aesthetic. Because the other party should not be bored, focus on certain points, which may be your experiences and research and projects you have participated in, and should also comply with spelling rules such as grammar and spelling.

On the way to college: Checklist

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