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Country Remains Attractive With New Opening Opportunities


Country Remains Attractive With New Opening Opportunities

Global business leaders and economists say China’s allure. As a favorite investment destination for multinationals set to remain as the country continues to push for opening up.

In the context of China’s further expansion of market access and pursuit of high-quality growth. This will bring more exciting business opportunities for global companies, and the only question will be how to seize these golden opportunities.

So said business leaders and economists who spoke at a forum hosted by China Daily.

CEO: Grow with China Forum, with the theme of New Year, New Opportunities, aired on Saturday.

Peter Ling-Vannerus, chief representative of SEB Beijing, said that China’s opening-up policy has brought new opportunities for foreign financial institutions such as SEB, a Swedish financial group.

He added that one area of ​​great opportunity for his company and clients is the green transition China is undergoing.

China has emphasized many times in high-level meetings. It will continue to expand its opening up to the outside world. For example, the Central Economic Work Conference pledged to further open up at the institutional level. Treat foreign companies more equitably, and take steps to attract more multinational companies.

Ibrahim Chowdhury, acting chief economist for China at the World Bank. Said that maintaining an outward orientation and continuing the process of opening up will be the key drivers of China’s transition to high-quality growth.

Chowdhury said that China has made great progress in opening up its economy. It is wise to further open up service industries such as professional services and information technology services. Which will help stimulate innovation, boost employment and boost economic growth.

“China is a very important market for us and we will continue to be there” Said Julian MacCormac, director of the UK power and propulsion systems giant Rolls-Royce China.

The company has long-term confidence in what expected to become the world’s largest Chinese aviation market.

MacCormac said high-quality growth in China’s economy would also translate into a growing middle-income group. Increased demand for products offered by Rolls-Royce.

Similarly, Guy Dru Drury, chief representative of the CBI for China, Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia. Said that China’s strong consumer base and improved business environment underpin the long-term optimism of CBI member companies on the Chinese market.

In particular, the country’s progress in strengthening intellectual property protection is “encouraging” for small and medium-sized member companies. Drury said, as these efforts increase the efficiency of patent registration and combat intellectual property infringement.

Business leaders and experts also pointed out at the forum that there is still a lot of room for cooperation between the world’s two largest economies. That once the so-called “decoupling” of China and the United States is realized, it will pay a huge price to both sides and the world. entire.

The forum aims to provide a platform for multinational companies to exchange ideas and explore new business opportunities in China. It is jointly organized by the China Daily Business News Department and China Service Information Network. The platform aims to provide foreigners with investment, study, travel in China, work and life.

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