Which country is the leader of 5G technology?

Which country is the leader of 5G technology?

As you know, many games have been played on 5G recently. The biggest of these games was built on the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei.

Currently, the world is preparing for 5G at full speed. With the introduction of 5G technology into our lives, autonomous vehicles, online surgeries with robots from one end of the world and the perfect AR experience will become possible.


Of course, it will take another 10 years for these to come true. However, we can say that the main key of all these technologies is 5G.

So which country is the leader on the 5G side? So far, we know that there has been a great war on the 5G side between the USA and China. However, the country South Korea is focused on the spread of 5G with all its might. In this context, it is at the top of the world.

Switzerland ranks second. Switzerland managed to outpace Kuwait with its attacks in 2020. While America kept its place in the 4th place, Qatar was able to find a place for itself in the 5th step.China, which has established 5G infrastructure in many countries, has risen a few steps and took the 6th place. Of course, an important point should be made here. This research shows the use of 5G technology.

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