United States launch strategy to get the global economy back, 2021

United States launch strategy to get the global economy back

The United States has embarked on a strategy to hardness it is massive resource to help with the global economy recover from the repercussion of COVID-19 global epidemic. Several steps will be taken in this broader fact under the state department’s global economic activity and the gear strategy.  These include facilitating food trade and security providing financial resources for economic recovery aiding for US exporters and US investors abroad and helping to rebuild international transportation and travel “Sarah Weber” a senior adviser to the state department’s Bureau of economic and business affairs.

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The United States is leading to a global response toward COVID-19. The steps taken by the United States in this regard include allocating more than 121 2 billion to global health security programs, as well as the development of COVID-19 treatments and diagnostic methods and vaccines humanitarian aid and emergency vigilance.

As a global leader in innovation the united states are also well prepared for economic recovery in the world intellectual property organization has rang the United States among the top three innovation economies in its 2020 global innovation index report.

With the help of US Department government in the US innovation has played a key role in the development of COVID-19 candidates’ vaccine that has been shown to be highly effective in preventing coronavirus in the clinical trials under the cares strategy economy economic recovery decisions will depend on the evidence-based analysis of the damage caused by this global epidemic.

The united states will work with industry and international partners to implement measures such as diagnostic examination and medical test at airports and social distance. US official says the epidemic has also expose the dangers of over reliance on a country for vital equipment such as medical or communication equipment. The Gear strategy backing US efforts such as the clean network and US warnings that partners countries cannot rely on unreliable fifth generation telecommunication companies such as China’s Huawei because they pose significant securities 


Liaison work between 14 US companies to do business and invest in the US companies abroad to achieve the country’s economic and development goals so the US governments the Dell team Initiative programs. we must diversify our global supply chain by setting investment priorities at home and abroad in countries where the rule of law is respected, and institutions are committed to citizen and consumers, state departments officials explain. It to be accountable, we are regular contact with our partners and allies to discuss the supplies and we are working together to find the solution of the global logistics problems.

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