Top 10th highest salaries paid jobs

Top 10th highest salaries paid jobs

1. Anesthesiologist

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The occupation with the highest salaries is an anesthesiologist. This profession may not need to operate on the operating table, but they need to consider all the possible consequences and influencing factors of anesthetizing the patient during the operation. The average new income of anesthesiologists is $351,300. In fact, the annual salary exceeds that of surgeons, reaching $26,1600. Anesthesiologists will not open their own clinics, but the number of anesthesiologists in the United States is much smaller than that of surgeons. Therefore, the demand for anesthesiologists is very large, and the number of operations they participate in is very large, so the maximum annual salary can reach a very high level.

2. Surgeon

The highest salaries paid by the top two occupations have an enormous gap in annual income compared with the following occupations. The average annual salary of surgeons is US$355,800, and their starting salary has reached US$250,900, with a maximum of US$500,000. Some doctors who have completed more operations (businesses) have an annual income of more than $1 million.

3. Dentist

The top three in this ranking are all related to the medical industry. The average highest salaries of dentists in 2016 was $133,780, and there is no upper limit on the highest income. If a dentist has his own clinic, his annual income will be very high.

4. Construction and Engineering Administrator

Salaries in this industry fluctuate greatly within a certain range, with an average annual highest salaries of $118,600. Most construction engineers start with an annual salary of $86,000, which does not include rewards and commissions. Many engineers will get a high commission if they can complete their tasks on time or spend less than budgeted construction costs.

5. Airline pilots

The starting salary of a pilot is $46,000. When first accumulating flight time, most pilots choose to fly small long-distance routes. When upgraded to pilots of large passenger planes, their salaries will be upgraded simultaneously. The annual salary of an official pilot in the United States is $121,914. The maximum salary of a pilot mainly depends on the size of the airline.

6. Petroleum Engineer

Basic-level petroleum engineers have a very high annual income, about 86,000 US dollars. The average salary of a national petroleum engineer is $109,620, and the maximum salary varies from country to country, with an average of around 150,000. When it comes to a specific company, such as the U.S. Refining Company, the maximum salary it provides to its employees is $216,000, which has maxed out the upper limit of the salary of petroleum engineers.

7. Financial manager

Financial managers and sales managers belong to a basic category. The average income level of American financial managers is $103,500, and the income when they first entered the industry was $76,000. But according to the company and the commission ceiling, the salary of a financial manager can increase exponentially.

8. Sales Manager

Many people may have different understandings and opinions on this profession. After all, some small and fragmented companies that can’t make money also have many employees in this position. Maybe anyone selling insurance on the street is a sales manager. If you have to count these, then the average salary of the sales manager position is very low. But the statistics here are strictly sales managers, their average income is about 71,000 US dollars, and those who are slightly successful can get an annual salary of 146,000 US dollars.

9. Air traffic controller

The average annual salary of a qualified, FAA aviation controller is $138,871, and it now varies depending on the position. Of course, those bigger terminals that have more planes in and out of the port need more attention, so the salary should also be higher. The starting salary of air traffic controllers who are just starting out is about US$51,000 a year, which can increase to nearly US$200,000 in a few years. Despite this, in fact, to do this job, you need to hold the lives of hundreds of people in your hands, and you need to be very cautious, so the pressure is very high and no mistake can be made.

10. Software Developer

Except for the medical field, the average salary of software developers is basically much higher than that of other industries. In 2016, this year, the national average salary for the position of software development was US$86,000. If you just graduated and entered the industry, the starting salary would be about US$55, 000 a year. Official statistics show that the position is the highest average salary in the United States. It’s one and two hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year, although they may actually make far more than that.

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