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Smartphone Manufacturers Aim For Peak Sales

Smartphone manufacturers aim for peak sales
Smartphone manufacturers aim for peak sales

Smartphone Manufacturers Aim For Peak Sales

Chinese smartphone manufacturers are increasing their budgets to launch new products to coincide with the peak sales season. Starting from July to August during the summer vacation and continuing through the third quarter of each year.

Xiang Ligang, chairman of the Information Consumption Alliance of the Telecommunications Industry Association, said that summer vacation is the prime time for smart phone sales. Because many students may want to upgrade their phones. Smartphone companies are keen to seize the time window to develop their business.

For example, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. scheduled to launch its flagship smartphone P50 series on Thursday night.

Huawei’s consumer business group CEO Yu Chengdong posted on the social platform Sina Weibo that the P50 phone will mark the beginning of a “new era of mobile imaging”. Suggesting that the company may once again make the camera the focus of people’s attention. Its upcoming flagship.

This move comes shortly after Huawei’s Chinese phone counterpart, Oppo, released its latest smartphone Reno 6 Pro + Detective Conan customized version on Wednesday. The series named after a Japanese manga series, which has a huge fan base in China.

Last week, the smartphone manufacturer Realme also launched its latest products. Realme GT Master Explorer Edition and Realme GT Master Edition. They were designed in collaboration with the famous Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa.

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