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Interview: Tips and Suggestions


Interview: Tips and Suggestions

You will definitely interview at some point in your career. Whether this is for entering an undergraduate program or for your first job, you can make your business life easier by paying attention to some tricks.

This is where we step in and offer our suggestions to help you successfully pass the interviews that everyone is looking at with fear!


If you want to present yourself professionally and aesthetically, you need to understand that preparation is more than a suit and neat hair, as anyone who wants to have a good interview should. Both younger and more mature applicants to university these days must first prove that they deserve a place in the program of their choice.

If you are truly enthusiastic and serious about your learning, you should do your research beforehand. If you are unable to attend campus days, you should still research the program thoroughly. Why do you want to study in this field in particular? Why should this academic institution choose you? What are the criteria they look for in student candidates? Ask yourself questions like these; as long as you can answer them, you will have a much better idea of ​​convincing the interviewee that you deserve to be in the program!

Interview Type

Interviews can take place in many formats, in particular regarding issues such as the inability to communicate face-to-face with applicants with an international background. Many college students can be interviewed by phone or via a video link such as Skype. In this case, the meeting that will take place on Skype should treated as a face-to-face meeting.

Dressing properly and appropriately is always beneficial; So does the interview in a quiet and private space. Most agencies will pre-arrange the time they will call you, preferring to find a time zone where no one else is around. So you can talk without being disturbed.

If you are going to attend a face-to-face meeting, it is your responsibility to reach your destination on time. You should consider the risk of getting lost or stuck in traffic by trying to be there as early as possible.

Likewise, if you are unable to communicate via Skype or face-to-face, you can have a telephone interview. In this case, keep your phone close to you at all times so that you can hear it. Make sure that it is not discharged and that the volume is turned up.

Questions to Ask at the Interview

Most of the interview questions are about your eligibility for the program. Your qualifications and experience may also be in question, but the questions that will come up mostly are as follows: Why do you want this program? Why did you choose this university? What makes you special? Think about your strengths and weaknesses? What kind of contributions can you make to our university?

You should think ahead of time about the answers to these questions and be ready to answer confidently.

Conversation advice

The most important thing to keep in mind when going to interviews should be ready for that. This indicates that you should not only think through the questions beforehand, but also go through the details. Do you know where you should go? Are you sure you know the time and date correctly?

In addition to studying interview techniques, you should also pay attention to answering questions honestly. Interviews are not only for deciding your suitability for the program, but also to see if the program matches your wishes. If you are not honest, you may placed in a program that is beyond your capacity and that is extremely difficult.

Be comfortable during the interview. It’s easier to say than to do, but remember that when you’re comfortable, the interviewer won’t ber nervous either. Being comfortable will also reveal your interest in the subject and the program. If you’re usually a very anxious person, be sure to take a few deep breaths before the interview.

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