Internet Platforms Targeted By Data Security Review

Internet platforms targeted by data security review
Internet platforms targeted by data security review

Internet platforms targeted by data security review

The state strengthens supervision of large technology companies

According to legal experts and tech industry observers. China’s cyber security review of Internet platforms including Didi Global highlights China’s determination to combat data leakage and abuse.

Experts and observers say that they are part of China’s broader efforts to strengthen the regulation of technology companies in line with international practices. Technology companies are increasingly relying on data monetization to increase revenue and bring greater risks to data management. .

Experts said that as countries around the world commit to the legal framework of the digital economy. Companies need to evaluate their data assets. Furthermore, Which are “now as valuable and essential as oil and electricity.”

They added that prioritizing data security has become a necessary condition for the healthy development of enterprises.

On July 5, the Cyberspace Administration of China stated that it was reviewing the two online car-hailing platforms Boss Zhipin and Yunmanman and Vanbang. Furthermore, the recruitment platforms of the All-Car Alliance, in accordance with the law.

The office cited data security risks as the reason for the review. Which was conducted shortly after it stated on July 2 that it had launched an investigation into Chinese ride-hailing giant Didi.

In a statement issued on July 5, it said it was conducting an investigation to “prevent national data security risks. Moreover, maintain national security and protect the public interest.”

As countries around the world pay more and more attention to data security and play a role in regulating companies, these efforts have also followed.

CNBC reported that US President Joe Biden signed an executive order last month to protect personal data from foreign opponents. However, the order sets standards for the US government to assess application risks associated with such adversaries. Including threats to national security.

In EU member states, the General Data Protection Regulation came into effect in May 2018. Which is one of the most powerful legislative attempts in the world to regulate the collection and use of personal data.

“The Didi investigation is the first time that a Chinese Internet regulator has publicly investigated a large technology company on the grounds of national security. Moreover, they said Song Haixin, a senior lawyer at Jincheng Tongda Law Firm (Shanghai).


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Internet platforms targeted by data security review

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