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Four Reasons to Stay in Dormitory

Four Reasons to Stay in Dormitory
Four Reasons to Stay in Dormitory

Four Reasons to Stay in Dormitory

It is very likely that you will come across a student dormitory among accommodation options while traveling abroad for education. So what are the four advantages of student dormitories?

Many students hear bad stories about dormitories before starting school and therefore plan to move into an apartment at the end of the first year. In reality, depending on where you are staying, dormitories can be like an all-inclusive hotel. Staying in the dormitory gives the student time to stay away from housework for a few more years. So what harm could that be for a 20-year-old person?

Here are some reasons to live in a dormitory for 4 years of school life:

1. Cleaning service included

One of the best things about living in a dormitory is that the cleaning service is included. You will save time while the cleaners do your dirty work for you. Cleaning staff usually empty your garbage, renew soap and canvas paper, disinfect the bathroom, and sweep shared areas. Since you will have to do your own cleaning for the rest of your life, let others do your job for a year or four.

2. closeness to school

Although this criterion is actually one of the most important, we see that it is not valued enough when making a choice. The dormitories are generally located within walking distance of the school, so the cafeteria, library, parties on campus, and sports activities are under your feet. In addition, the money you spend on transportation will remain in your pocket.

3.The opportunity to meet new people

Usually hosting over 100 students, the dormitories provide the opportunity to meet different people. In some activities, you may meet and meet different people in the kitchen or shared parts of the dormitory.

4. Security

Unless you live in a high-security apartment, which is likely to be a bit expensive, almost all apartments offer security only with a door lock.


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