Exchange Programs for Those Who Want to Study Abroad

Student Exchange program
Student Exchange program

Student Exchange Programs for Those Who Want to Study Abroad

Would you like to experience a new culture, lifestyle and build friendships that will last a lifetime with the student exchange program?

Want to experience study abroad but not sure whether to get a full degree? Do you want to study in Turkey but still spend some time in another country? So, we have a suggestion to meet all of these: The student exchange program may be the right choice for you!

If you want to spend a semester or year in different countries around the world during your studies without high tuition fees, then you have come to the right place. In our article, we’ll examine some of the world’s most prestigious and renowned exchange programs for international students.

What is a student exchange program?

The student exchange program, known in English as the Student Exchange Program, is a specific amount of time a student spends in another country and usually at a partner university where you will attend classes or work. Throughout this process, university students are offered an opportunity to learn the local language and familiarize themselves with a new country and culture. In this respect, we can say that they encourage students to develop a global perspective for exchange programs.

So, do you have to pay any fees?

Of course not! Students participating in exchange programs do not pay a fee and receive a specific grant for tuition and living fees in the countries they attend according to the programs they attend. For accommodation, you can be offered to stay with a host family or you can live in student dormitories. This is a great opportunity to experience a different lifestyle, new perspectives, and alternative academic practices.

How long do exchange programs last?

The duration of student exchange programs varies depending on the program you choose. For example, you may decide to study in another country for a few weeks, a semester, or a year. In this respect, you need to check what options are offered by your own university. Some departments offer exchanges for undergraduate or postgraduate degrees, while others may not. So do you want to make sure you choose the right course before starting a university to provide yourself with the best possible opportunities? Try our course matcher tool right now!

What are the best student exchange programs?

The general purpose of the exchange programs is to encourage students to move from the environment, city and country. They are used to live in a new environment get to know different cultures and communicate with students from all over the world like themselves. Thus, the students; While they have many skills such as problem solving, teamwork, adaptation, entrepreneurship, effective communication and creativity, they also have the chance to learn a second foreign language in addition to English. What are the 10 Talents That Future Students Should Have?

Student exchange programs are divided into two;

Long Term: These are exchange programs that last 6 to 10 months or up to 1 year. Accordingly, participants have to obtain a student visa to attend universities in the countries they will go to.

Short Term: These are programs that last from 1 week to 3 months. There are varieties as summer / intensive or cultural exchange programs.

1. Erasmus Program

Erasmus is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to student exchange programs. Especially in Turkey, the most famous and most used of exchange programs. The Erasmus program, funded by the European Union, enables students to study or work in a European country. Among the most preferred Erasmus countries among Turkish students are France, Spain, Germany and Italy, but the program covers 33 destinations in total and lasts from 3 months to a year.

At the same time, the first thing we can say about Erasmus application requirements and cost is that you will not have to pay any additional tuition fees during the Erasmus exchange program. If you need additional financial support, you can apply for a grant to help with living or rental costs. For more information, you should contact your university’s Erasmus office or coordinator responsible for organizing Erasmus programs. At the same time, What is Erasmus and Why It Matters, you can check our article.

2. Mevlana Student Exchange Program

The most distinctive difference of the Mevlana student exchange program from Erasmus is that it covers not only Europe but many countries of the world. With Mevlana, you can become an student in 66 countries today. The program determined by YÖK that encourages student and academic staff exchange between universities in Turkey and abroad; It is open to applications for associate, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees.

While the Mevlana student exchange program offers the chance to study abroad for at least one and at most two semesters. It does not exceed one academic year in total. In addition, you do not pay any fee to the university where you will study abroad during the program. You can take a look at the Mevlana exchange program website opened by YÖK for applications.

3. Farabi Exchange Program

The Farabi student exchange program allows the students studying at associate, bachelor, master and doctorate degrees among universities in Turkey since 2008. You can apply for the Farabi program in two terms, Fall and Spring. The duration of the program is a maximum of one academic year and you do not pay any fees to the university you attend. For more information about the Farabi exchange program, you can check the official website of the institution.


For more than 40 years, the International Student Exchange Programs, ISEP, have been offering students the opportunity to study abroad at universities and colleges around the world. The ISEP program is run with more than 300 institutions in 50 different countries. But opportunities will depend on the school you study at. Accordingly, if your university is an ISEP member, you can replace a student from another ISEP exchange institution. You can choose from up to 10 partner universities or colleges. Choose the most suitable for you depending on your department and preferences.

You will normally pay the tuition fee to your home institution, but once you accept your placement, you will need to pay an application fee of $ 100 + $ 395. These fees will be paid directly to your institution. For more information about the ISEP student exchange program, you can check out their website.


The International Association for the Exchange of the Students for Technical Experience. The International Student Exchange Association for Technical Experience, is an international organization that offers opportunities to students who want to gain technical work experience abroad. During the program, which can last from 4 weeks to 52 weeks, students receive technical training in their departments. Since 1948, more than 300,000 students in more than 80 countries around the world, you can gain global business experience by participating in exchange programs as a technical undergraduate, graduate or graduate in many educational institutions around the world.

When should I apply for a student exchange program?

As the application deadlines differ for each university and program. You should check the specific dates according to the year you plan to apply for the exchange program. If you do not want to experience last minute stress, you can check the application deadline in advance with the university or exchange program.


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