Erdogan with German Chancellor Merkel

Erdogan meets with German Chancellor Merkel

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel via videoconference.

According to a statement from the Presidential Communication Presidency of Turkey-Germany relations and regional issues discussed at the meeting.


He stated at the meeting related to the continuation of regular contact and dialogue with German Chancellor Merkel.

Furthermore, fighting of Turkey secretion continues determinedly, gradual and controlled they start the normalization process. However, He starting the vaccination program as quickly they continuetourism unimpeded and secure in April with positive developments manner that he believes will start.

President Erdogan, who needs humanitarian assistance in Syria, stressing that millions of Syrians in Turkey. The only country that protects and provides help voluntary basis.

He talks on March 18 about the agreement updating and eastern Mediterranean issues. explain the priority for the new government to take a vote of confidence in Libya. subsequently, its duty as soon as possible President Erdogan underlined that the political process in Syria should continue effectively.

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