Dining rooms take a taste of conferencing technology 2021

Dining rooms take a taste of conferencing technology 2021

Cutting-edge digital technology is expected to realize virtual gatherings during the Spring Festival holiday this year, replacing traditional family gatherings.

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In China, people are required to stay at work and not go to their hometowns during the Lunar New Year to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

To make up for the destruction of traditional festivals, Huawei Cloud, the cloud computing division of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., is cooperating with China’s leading hot pot chain Haidilao to provide consumers with a cloud reunion dinner with family and friends. go away.

Since the beginning of this month, people have been able to book special restaurants at Haidilao restaurants across the country, which are now equipped with Huawei Cloud’s video conferencing services and smart screens.

Children can eat hot pot in their own city, while their parents, relatives or friends can eat at the same time in their hometown. Both restaurants will install up to 86-inch wall-mounted high-definition smart screens connected via cloud conference services.

The distances of hundreds or thousands of miles between them are bridged by high-tech, which ensures that clear and sharp images and high-fidelity sound can produce the same effect as a physical gathering in real time.

In addition, people on both sides can even interact online and play games in real time while dining, and connect their smartphones to cloud services.

Such services are provided in 57 Haidilao restaurants in more than 40 Chinese cities, including metropolises such as Shanghai and Beijing, and third- and fourth-tier cities such as Yibin in Sichuan Province.

In addition, some Haidilao restaurants in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia also provide these services.

Market experts believe that this is an appropriate, creative and praiseworthy response to the new restrictions on the number of people who can eat together in a restaurant.

Zhou Zhaocheng, executive director and chief strategy officer of Haidilao, said that cloud-based services in the dining room may become a future trend.

Chen Xi, Marketing Director of Huawei Cloud China, said that the catering industry has long tried to provide cloud-based conference links in the dining room.

However, in the past, high costs were a problem. Chen said that technological advancements such as cloud computing and 5G telecommunications have helped reduce network costs.

He said that many hotel chains are affordable.

This trend is consistent with the acceleration of the digital transformation of the restaurant industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is said that digital technology has improved the efficiency of many Chinese restaurants and helped attract more consumers.

Haidilao will also strengthen its delivery service during the holidays to benefit people dining at home. The government has been encouraging people to eat at home during the pandemic to stop this infectious disease.

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