Can “Smart appliances” in homes work against you?

Can “Smart appliances” in homes work against you?

Modern machines make your life easier, but services run on small devices such as lightning bulb or using voice control devices can also be a form of domestic violence as it can be said.

Today the lives of millions of people around the world have taken on a new shape in their homes flats and the houses are now confined to one place or one room due to lock down all day or workspace physical exercise school space and they are home setting. It also means that most of them spent a times with modern devices, called as smart devices connected by internet and which we use in our phones control through connected apps from virtual support from Amazon Alexa to Apple’s ‘Siri’ and google home, smart bulbs, security camera systems and thermostats now called internet items are controlling our lives.

Now our household items are already capable of being controlled by the Internet these smart devices are now able to collect our personal data on what are we using these items and how we use other Internet powered item at home.

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