The UN Secretary-General advice to Washington

The UN Secretary-General advice to Washington

Regrettably, the reporters at the Munich Security Conference on February 19 focused on US President Biden’s proposition that “the United States is back” and ignored the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ call for global unity. Information about cooperating with common challenges.

UN messages include calls on China and the United States to ease geopolitical tensions. UN secretary said, When major powers disagree, we cannot solve the biggest problem, and warned that technological and economic gaps. May grow into geostrategic and military differences, and emphasized that “we must avoid this at all costs.”

During a telephone conversation with Biden on February 11.

President Xi Jinping emphasized that China and the United States join hands to address global challenges such as climate change, and the healthy and stable development of China-US relations is the common aspiration of the two peoples and the international community.


On Monday, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi speak on the United States to resume bilateral cooperation. Restore the exchange mechanism abandoned by the Donald Trump administration. Lift tariffs on Chinese goods and Trump’s sanctions on Chinese companies.

Biden said that his speech “is not about confronting the East with the West”. “it is not about wanting a conflict”, and at the same time refuses to return to the “cold war ossified bloc” and emphasizes “issues affecting all of us” In terms of competition, cooperation must not be locked in”. But he constantly attacked China and Russia and called on American allies to support his government.

The second half is the typical American politics of seeking enemies.

Janan Ganesh aptly stated in his February 16 column: “Without opposition from outside enemies, the country will become more self-reliant. Given China’s huge economy and different government models, the United States and other Western countries Many politicians in the country have different feelings. Which is in line with the requirements of the United States for the enemy.

However, after Trump was president for four years, the world has undergone tremendous changes and has become more multi-polar. Therefore, I asked Wolfgang Isinger, chairman of the Munich Security Conference, the reason for holding the virtual meeting last week. He only invited leaders from the United States and Europe, and did not invite leaders from Asia, Africa or Latin America. . For me, I said, “Western ideas” are outdated in today’s multipolar world. Isinger said he disagreed.

Guterres only mentioned the G20 in his speech, not the G7. So-called like-minded democracies seem to be in trouble, and opinions differ on many issues.

Biden previously talked about hosting a democracy summit.

He mentioned the term “democracy” many times at the Munich Security Conference. However, former NATO Secretary-General Javier Solana wrote in an op-ed on Monday that sharing the same political system does not mean sharing the same interests and priorities. Therefore, it provides concrete, substantive and substantial Lasting goals are practically impossible.

In addition, Solana warned that to make so-called democracies and non-democracies the center of international relations is “at the risk of precipitating what we can still avoid: another cold war, this time between the United States and China.”

The Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee,

Richard Haas have also questioned Biden’s buzzword “America is back”. He said on CNN on Sunday, “We are not returning to China objectively, nor are we in other people’s countries. “In the eyes”, he cited a series of challenges in the United States.

There is no doubt that the first task of the United States should be to solve many domestic problems, reverse all of Trump’s disastrous policies in the world, and not only cooperate with allies, but also cooperate with countries with different political systems in the United States to respond to global challenges and Manage differences.

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